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Playing the only 3 building games that I know in minecraft. Let me know if theres any hidden minecraft minigames i should check out!

I know I normally don’t ask, but if you do enjoy the video leave a like as it helps me out a lot!

Oh yeah, watch to the end for secret blooper

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Brandenburg Concerto No4-1 BWV1049 – Classical Whimsical by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ()


  1. Wait is that third theme grum bot the original version ????

  2. You need to turn you're server back on.

  3. Ik he hasn't played in 3 years or so, but I'd like to see him play the new modes, pro, and guess the build or whatever it's called on hypixle!

  4. grian is sitting on an arrow at the start of the vid lol

  5. Minecraft dungeons is a Minecraft arcade game geez 🙄 oh right this is past grian.

  6. If only this was in 2020 for sitting in class

  7. Grian: wool looks like fabric!
    also Grian: *making an arcade machine out of wool*

  8. Grian: Starts talking about forgetting about school

    Me: Doesn't remember a single thing from school

    also me: Heh ·-·'

  9. Imagine being the guy vs Grian

  10. Nice! Next make a video where you don't hold back

  11. I have a feelings that grian, invited pearlectmoon to hermitcraft… Just saying…

  12. I know u had so many hints about pearl she was in build swap and this and shes now in hermit craft7 i belive

  13. on the hive server there is a build battle game called build it

  14. I would cry if I had to go against Grian in Minecraft Build Battle

  15. Grian: why not play flappy bird on your phone. Everybody else: flappy bird is illegal

  16. Grian :Fridge with game console
    2021: xbox smart fridge

  17. you should’ve made that fridge into an Xbox

    people who are old smart and watched polarsaurusrex will get that

  18. 2017: Grain and Pearl compete in build swap
    2021: Grain and Pearl are bottem member and working together to build giga base

  19. “Oh hello there, didn’t see you there!”

    Classic and I like it.

  20. When grian makes the arcade machine, it's not big. But not compared to my 5x3x4 one.

  21. I miss arcade rooms/game rooms!
    They were the best part of any mall. After walking around, before eating at the food court. Somewhere in there was us looking through GameStop, office max, and maybe sears or something.

    Now, it's super expensive, super inappropriate clothes, and super boring…

    Except… We did find one mall… It has a game lounge! Play ps5, Xbox series s, Nintendo, a classic arcade table, or a board game! A bit dark, but it was a great place to try out the new consoles before adding one to my wish list.

    Look around your local hotspot. Leave a reply if one of yours has an arcade orgame lounge! Let's see malls are really that boring today…

  22. The second game explains everything that happened @ Buildmart!

  23. Were you not nicked when you were on your server?

  24. For the sitting in Class I’d put a bunch of Z’s above it’s head

  25. So the cash register would be an arcade machine then??? Hmmm

  26. I really wanna play in ur server…

  27. if ur watching this in 2021 then why is pearl a cat???

    Read more

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