Playing Portaboy+ (I LOVE minigames!) -

Playing Portaboy+ (I LOVE minigames!)

Lumpy Touch
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Portaboy+ is a fun, simple, c̸̡̺̤̤̩̻̳̭̫̜̟̦͒̽͋̍̅̚u̸̜̬̗̇͊̈̓̆́̌̚͘r̸̡̹̭̦̦͔̭̭͛̇͂͗̋s̸̢̱̺͕͕̯͍̦͎̞̥̪͍̓͆̈͌͌͆̕ȅ̷̼̝̰͕̗̰̻͖̼̞͓̤̱́̈́̌̈́̈͝͝d̷̡̤̙̬̗̯͍͓͙͛; FREE WarioWare-like browser game. Just in time for Halloween!
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Portaboy+ is a remastered version of Portaboy, which was a game I made for Ludum Dare 41. With 6 little minigames to master, what’s the highest score you can get? Keep playing! Stay concentrating! There’s no end… no escape… right?

Portaboy+ features art by yours truly,
Coding by Enchae. Twitter:
Music by b-knox. Twitter:

I can’t wait to see you all play Portaboy+! If you end up playing the game tag me or shoot me a link on Twitter.

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  1. "excuse me one sec-" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  2. That was the most unsuspected thing ive ever seen today

  3. "Uhhhhh Excuse me one sec" scream in fear and gun shots

  4. Exume woan sek

    :Sexy manly screaming:


    portaboy exe: ima die then



  5. Is this a real game because I would play it

  6. Wait a minute aren't you the creator

  7. i’d just imagine him holding the gameboy with one hand and a whole shotgun with his other hand

  8. “Excuse me one sec…. HOUGJDQHATH!!!”

  9. now i know why the style is so familiar, its your game!

  10. So it’s like the Gamer game from Game and Wario

  11. monster:um excuse me uh… could you keep-
    him:*screams and shoots*

  12. I laughed cuz U Screams And Shoot him💀💀💀

  13. average monday playing the portaboy

  14. "excuse me one sec" world war 2 sounds

  15. Looks like a cursed version of Warioware

  16. This kinda reminds me of Gamer from Game & Wario

  17. That actually scared me what a cool game

  18. Hmm good wait why that glitching
    Him:exscuse me one second HAAAAAA

  19. Him: “excuse me one sec…”
    Also him: screams freaking loud

  20. The way he shot got me dead💀💀💀

  21. OH GOD WHY okay let me tell you how it was okay hold on a minute*SCREAMS*

  22. oh! I should download this game! but I think is too hard…….

  23. This feels very similar to Game and Wario’s Gamer minigame

  24. The second I saw this it reminded me of you XD

  25. Pretty much exactly how I felt first playing this game lmao.

  26. Bro was like : I now that that the monsters are here so I'm going to scream a MANLY scream and with my shotgun I'm going to shoot everything

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