Playing Portaboy+ (I LOVE minigames!) -

Playing Portaboy+ (I LOVE minigames!)

Lumpy Touch
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Portaboy+ is a fun, simple, c̸̡̺̤̤̩̻̳̭̫̜̟̦͒̽͋̍̅̚u̸̜̬̗̇͊̈̓̆́̌̚͘r̸̡̹̭̦̦͔̭̭͛̇͂͗̋s̸̢̱̺͕͕̯͍̦͎̞̥̪͍̓͆̈͌͌͆̕ȅ̷̼̝̰͕̗̰̻͖̼̞͓̤̱́̈́̌̈́̈͝͝d̷̡̤̙̬̗̯͍͓͙͛; FREE WarioWare-like browser game. Just in time for Halloween!
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Portaboy+ is a remastered version of Portaboy, which was a game I made for Ludum Dare 41. With 6 little minigames to master, what’s the highest score you can get? Keep playing! Stay concentrating! There’s no end… no escape… right?

Portaboy+ features art by yours truly,
Coding by Enchae. Twitter:
Music by b-knox. Twitter:

I can’t wait to see you all play Portaboy+! If you end up playing the game tag me or shoot me a link on Twitter.

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  1. Excuse me one sec-


  2. i always lose on the baseball minigame :/

  3. Excuse me, one sec… AHHHHHH Guns down everything in the near vicinity.

  4. i actually played portaboy and my first time playing it i thought it was just you playing a video game in a video game but i was wrong

  5. hit that motherfucker at the end with the skippy

  6. Live stream game then all of the sudden ‘one moment pls’ pull out a LMG and shoots

  7. Should make a rare voice line, just a very subtle "what's the wifi password?"

  8. This would be an awesome game if it were real

  9. Shark punching center: did someone say selichian punching

  10. Bro started shooting everywhere

  11. Nah i will not play mini game on OHIO AGAIN💀💀

  12. Excuse me one sec-
    “Okay class today we will be learning”
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah babasbabbababababababaaaaah

  13. waid u made portaboy? holy its like you art style but how am i not notice it

  14. So your playing a bunch of mini games in a horror game about mini games


  16. 5 bullets is the funniest amount to fire

    Tell me I'm wrong

  17. Actually made the game and play ▶️▶️

  18. Strategy in Porta boy: play 2 micro games before you check behind the gameboy or buy bullets or health it's so easy.

  19. "excuse me one sec" doom music kicks in

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