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PvZ BRUTAL MODE Mod has INSANELY HARD Mini-Games! (Plants Vs. Zombies Brutal Mode Mod Part 5)

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Due to popular requests, I’ll be covering the mini-games in Brutal Mode! I’ll be covering the first 10 mini-games in Brutal Mode and talking about how difficult they are compared to the original version.

Watch Part 8 here:
Watch Part 7 here:
Watch Part 6 here:
Watch Part 4 here:
Watch Part 3 here:
Watch Part 2 here:
Watch Part 1 here:

Brutal Mode Playlist:

(Some) Recorded live at

I will not be linking a download since it might get flagged for Piracy. If you want to get it just search it up yourself on YouTube on how to download it. I highly encourage you to own the original PvZ1 game on PC if you were to play this mod!

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  1. I randomly found u doing this 3h ago so i watched all episodes then i saw this and i release this was 3h agp

  2. Pvz brutal mode: hell
    Some modder: Pvz absolute hell mode is gonna be a thing

  3. Actually, there are 3 different minigame pages from what I recall, you're nowhere near halfway there

  4. at first when i watched part 1 i thought that the buffs were unnecessary here i am at part 5 and gosh… that was so needed…

  5. bro i cant even beat normal zombotany

  6. Football Grave Buster zombies are the most horrific thing I have ever seen in my life…

  7. I can't wait to see more of this series keep up the amazing work man also I really hope you do world 7

  8. I don't know if you did, but after this, you should try living dead mode. I think it's a little bit less difficult, but they are really different anyway.

  9. theres actually a secret 7th part of adventure mode unlocked when you grow your tree of wisdom high enough. i forget the exact number but its high enough to where you need to cheat it in, i think somewhere around 1300

  10. Miles Prower made is look a lot easier lol

  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are these changes correct?

    Peashooter – can shoot basketballs, ice peas, and melons.
    Wall-nut – double cost and explodes when eaten
    Snow Pea – can sometimes freeze zombies like in Pvz 2
    Repeater – can shoot fire peas
    Puff-shroom – disappears after a while
    Fume-shroom – infinite range
    Scaredy-shroom – turns to sun if scared, longer recharge
    Threepeater – shoots ice peas
    Jalapeno – burns lane and column
    Spikeweed – can be planted on roof and can send zombies back
    Torchwood – can turn ice peas into frostburn peas
    Tall-nut – squashes when eaten
    Sea-shroom – disappears after a while, shorter recharge
    Plantern – causes stun and removes plastic
    Cactus – shoots 3 times, can't pop balloons, only damage
    Blover – chills zombies without shields and damages
    Split Pea – shoots 2 on both sides
    Starfruit – can hypnotize, freeze or destroy a zombie it hits
    Cabbage-pult – can shoot melons
    Kernel-pult – can shoot cob missiles
    Umbrella Leaf – gives 1 gold every time it repels
    Marigold – gives random seeds

    Pole-valuting Zombie – double jump, goes over mowers
    Newspaper Zombie – tramples plants
    Screendoor Zombie – breathes fire
    Football Zombie – faster
    Dancing Zombie – faster
    Zomboni – faster
    Z. Bobsled Team – more common
    Dolphin Rider Z. – faster, jumps tall nuts
    Jack-in-the-box Z. – explodes at 1HP
    Balloon Zombie – can be damaged, but not popped
    Pogo Zombie – can jump tall nuts
    Ladder Zombie – infinite ladders
    Catapult Zombie – shoots faster

  12. The lily pads in BTLZ is so true even in vanilla

  13. Can you play pvz lawn of hell pleass😊😊

  14. Btw i have a mod called pvz gold edition which is REALLY obscure (probably because even 1-1 is kaizo difficulty and is probably impossible without cheating) wondering if you wanted it.

  15. this mod has many pages of minigames, i believe around 9 or 10 pages, so good luck beating them all!
    i do suggest using the new plants in this mod as well, they make it easier
    lastly you can use the code "sun" to make all sun worth double (i.e. normal sun goes from 25 to 50)

  16. Peashooter with broken screendoor take one blover too destroy the door so spamming blover is your best bet

  17. Tbh I don't get these ultra hard mods w/out balance and that are unfun. I like challenge but only when it's bearable and fun but idk maybe it's just a me problem

  18. I wonder how vase breaker and izombie would be with this mod?

  19. You should know that there is level 7-1 to 7-10 in brutal mode, but you'll need your tree of wisdom height=1437

  20. Wow
    And I thought surviving 152 waves on endless mode was tough
    Will you do endless mode till wave 100?
    Ig not

  21. 7:51 from what you saying, that's maybe more reference to power mints not plant food

  22. These videos are really good! The first video appeared in my recommended page, and it was so funny seeing someone getting so mad at football zombies! I wonder if this mod will permanently affect your view of them…

  23. I'm like yours videos
    (I'm Italian so I won't write English very well)

  24. "impossible due to gravestones"

    Grave Buster: Am I a joke to you?

  25. The Zombiequarium just made me die laughing the second it started. 😂

  26. It would be interesting to have these zombotanies witha normal spawn rate.

  27. Music at 3:10 slaps. Anyone know where it plays or what it’s called?

  28. Buckethead Wallnut screendoor zombies

  29. Do brutal mod in last stand until to five waves

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