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Razer Viper Mini Review – The Best Small Gaming Mouse?

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With the Viper Mini lightweight gaming mouse, Razer might be on their way to dominating the peripheral market. They’re now combining a low price of $40 with an ultra lightweight form that’s great for small hands. For people with smaller hands, this could be the best gaming mouse of 2020 so far! Along with the Huntsman TE, standard Viper and other new gaming peripherals, it looks like Razer is dedicated to dominating the market.

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  1. I’ve been using this mouse for a week and oh baby I’m never switching

  2. Viper ultimate has black quartz mercury and cyberpunk 2077 now

  3. I dont know. 118,3 x 53,5 x 38,3 mm is not "mini" for me. Do you know something smaller? Thx

  4. i boat the viper mini and the build quelity is the worse then 5 dollar mouse and model o

  5. I’m getting it in an hour or 2 so exited!!!

  6. so this the guy that keeps camping tspawn awping in dm tf

  7. got it for 16$ on sale. Great mouse. Love it!

  8. Wow. 1st time i saw Dimitri playing CS GO. Damn! Got skills bro.

  9. $39 so expensive 🙁
    I request razer to make gaming mice under $15

  10. Just bought this mouse a couple of days ago and its 100% worth the price no lie.

  11. I hope their audio product is next…..

    Welp lets just say when the audio product came, every other company cried.

  12. Razed make a wireless and just take my money

  13. i chose the model o because u can change the debounce time cause i play Minecraft and i need to double click

  14. thankyou for telling me about it im getting it in 2 days thankyou

  15. Will I buy the non mini version just because of it weight? Maybe

  16. I have a question what should i get g305 or hyperx pulsefire haste or Viper mini Help please

  17. Been using this for 1 year and a half. so far no breaking its been holding up just fine. I would reccmoned for people who like fps and Minecraft because light clicks for faster cps and for fps easy flicks and you never get tired with this mouse

  18. i used this mouse for 5 years and is awesome

  19. for people with smaller hands and a fingertip grip this is a solid mouse been using it for about 2 years now

  20. my hand lenght is 18.5 cm and width is 10cm is it fit in my hand and if the sensor is good for competetive game and for low sens player?

  21. 7 years ago i bought a razer deathadder essential 2013. the thing finally gave out today and the glowing logo glowed its last glow if that makes sense. i went onto amazon and found a replacement for like 40 bucks, then beside it found the viper mini for 35. I measured my current mouse and compared it to the mini and think they about the same size for some reason, and I have a fingertip grip on mine, so I think its a damn good deal for 35 bucks on amazon. big F for the deathadder tho, that thing was amazing. lasted 7 years without any issues until yesterday the cable cut out mid game, and I found the problem with it. the cable is severed from the USB input thing. big sad

  22. rn im using the model d- and i had this mouse for a year now and there is no damage on it.

  23. I recently got this mouse due to my small hands and it’s class alongside the huntsman mini

  24. Damn he a beast at CS:GO , well compared to casuals

  25. what is your warzone dpi and in game sensivity?

  26. Tbh this mice is faster than my internet speed yikes

  27. What do you recommend more for cs go Basilisk V2 or Viper mini ?

  28. my hand is 17cmX10cm, i have a hybrid claw/fingertip grip, any advice?

  29. This mouse is incredible. If you like a slightly smaller, very lightweight mouse with a premium build quality – This is the mouse for you.

  30. I like this mouse but It's too small for me 😢. I have to go for logitech G402

  31. Just got this mouse, hopped on valorant played for 5 matches and all i gotta say is this mouse is AMAZING, well compared to my 5$ logitech mouse this feels godly, been hitting headshots after headshots with this mouse.
    I probably wont but ill update yall if anything goes wrong with the mouse.

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