Roblox on Xbox: One - My First Roblox Video - Ripull Mini-games -

Roblox on Xbox: One – My First Roblox Video – Ripull Mini-games

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Welcome to my first ever Roblox video. In it I play a few mini-games and have a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. 0:22 well there is something called roblox studio. even in 2016 past stampy.

    Anyways I know he was new before anyone of you reply “hE wAS nEw tO RoBlOx!1!1!1!1”


  3. Stampy iv been a fan for over 4 years and i recently made this account pleaese can we play roblox together ????? if u wil pls reply to this comment here is my username YT_Rxalityy

  4. Stampy play the obby of minecraft in roblox!

  5. what have i found… pain? never expected stampy to play Roblox…

  6. I’m kinda glad that stampy didn’t get into roblox

  7. Omg I haven’t heard his voice in sooo long!

  8. Stampy has two heads and he tried to hold or not hold a laugh 13:39

  9. This nostalgia rush just from the classic ROBLOX R is U N R E A L. I NEEDED this.

  10. Stampy should really play roblox again

  11. I’ve got an suggestion, you should download ROBLOX studio on your PC, because you can build ROBLOX Studio!

  12. im texting this a bunch of years after im sad ik

  13. first time i ever was introduced to roblox. gets me nostalgic.

  14. I remember watching this when I was younger, Such good videos!

  15. “i won my first game in roblox! I’m proud of myself” that made me so happy 😭

  16. i made a stampy shirt and pant try it pls

  17. Is anyone watching this from 2021?
    Damn 2016 was a good time for my childhood thanks stampy and dantdm.

  18. Remember when we all finished school and the first thing we did was to go see if stampy made a new video?

  19. this brings my back i was a guest in 2015 i forgot how i found out about roblox then a kinda stopped playing minecraft we all grown up from your videos this brings me way back

  20. The nostolgia of coming home from school to watch stampy's roblox series. Too bad I was a guest at the time lol!

  21. I love roblox! been here since i was 6 im now 14💙

  22. Even tho o haven’t been subbed for that long because I was a kid 5 years ago I was here you were making me happy every day of my life🥺 your a real og just remember you are still the best minecrafter out there!

  23. i’m really ill rn and i’ve came back to stampy to cheer me up. His videos never get old

  24. make videos on roblox studio! build there! and test there! make games!

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