Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Gaming Review Part 1 Casual Games -

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Gaming Review Part 1 Casual Games

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Playing some casual games with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to see how well it performs, I test it with Subway Surfer, Temple run 2, Beach bug blitz and dead trigger.

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  1. s3 lagged a lot when i used it so im getting the s4 mini is that a good choice

  2. sir s4 mini avbl in dual sim version? and what about the heating issue while gaming.

  3. please add real racing 3 to your gaming list if its compatible with s4 mini it would be a real test for gaming performance 🙂

  4. Note 2 price on ebay-29000 INR
    s4 mini launch price -27990 INR
    add an extra 1000 bucks and get a better device than s4 mini

  5. Please add real racing 3 in high end games, that's more graphic intensive than asphalt 7

  6. Samsung galaxy S4 mini vs sony xperia SP
    Sir,Which Phone is better to buy SP is 24000 and S4 mini is 28000??

  7. Hi Ranjit. I am purchasing a new smartphone and want to know which is the best android device within rs12000?????. Thanks

  8. we can connect USB peripherals like USB pendrive like samsung s4

  9. while testing temple run 2 on any android device please set the graphics quality to best as you did in this video, cheers

  10. Except dead trigger
    All were retarded games for retarded people

  11. Sir, One suggestion, please keep the phone on airplane mode before gaming because I see quite a lot of devices which lag when there is a notification for eg. emails etc 🙂

  12. Excelent review Ranjit as always – keep up the good work. thanks! On a lighter note I love how you use very often the expression: "No dropping of frames or anything like that" 🙂

  13. Sir!!!! Will the s4 mini could handle some HD games like the need for speed most Wanted, Real Racing etc????

  14. I would recommend you Xperia SP , better performance, better for gaming . adreno 320 GPU and 1.7 dual core says it all .

  15. who use sony? really? their user interface is the worst ……screen viewing angle is cheap……..

  16. maybe, but still lots better than s4 mini 🙂

  17. I want a phone or tablet phone in 25000 to 26000 range shud i take this or the tab 3 8.0

  18. Hi Ranjit, do you know whether we can install the stock android 4.3 on this model. I'm loving my S4 mini since trying the xperia sp & htc one. This is a good phone for the size, but the graphics chip is not the best

  19. is this phone better than the sony xperia l ?

  20. LG l9 is much better….Adreno 305 is too slow for gaming.

  21. remember to move all your games from the phone memory to SD card,and to get app that boosts the performance of the SD card reading speed,i will assure you the phone will have no lag problems!

  22. А на samsung galaxy s4 mini , игры виснут? Каторые в видио

  23. I wonder why Subway Surfers is not perfectly smooth and have some lags even in a s4 mini (dual core 1.7ghz)! Why don't we ask for the developers to optimize the game as best as they can on google play store?

  24. Hi geeky, what is better to buy? Samsung S3 or S4 mini? I will using it for fast actions, gaming and browsing on facebook.

  25. Hey ranjit can u update to 4.3 on the mini ? Tell fast

  26. Can anyone please help me… I had an acer liquid e2 with alot of games like modern combat, gta san andreas and more like that. Now i have the s4 mini and i want to play gta n stuff on it. But it just don't work. I do nothing wrong.  

  27. The Galaxy S4 plus is better with Quad-Core

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