Server Update 1.19 - CubeCraft turns 10! Minecraft Minigames -

Server Update 1.19 – CubeCraft turns 10! Minecraft Minigames

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We’re better at making games than talking about them! Join Rubik. Luke, Marco, Zed and the team in this slightly gone wrong update video about 1.19!

After 10 years of CubeCraft, we’re doing one of our biggest updates as we upgrade to 1.19! Listen to our team talk about what’s going on and the launch of Java! Your favourite minigames like EggWars, SkyWars and Lucky Islands have a new 1.19 feel!


  1. Cubecraft is very amazing and happy aniversarity 🎉

  2. I was so Excited for this Update but then I Realised I'm False Perm Banned on CubeCraft Bedrock because of the Stupid Anticheat Sentinal 💀🗿
    Anyways Happy Birthday CubeCraft🎂 you're still my Favourite Server even though I can't play anymore🎂

  3. it’s about time of bedrock server updates to 1.19 but congrats

  4. JunpiestAD 02 almost play the game Eggwars

  5. I'm still waiting for a Magic n Mayhem comeback

  6. Good to see there are things being done about the version!

  7. I hate the update sm 😭 but happy birthday cubecraft

  8. happy birthday, I'll be waiting for the update to make a video for my channel

  9. I love they are adding a major update to CCG Java but I wish they would give more attention to it. Because they are partners with Mojang and Microsoft, they must give Microsoft's golden child more updates because more players play on Bedrock. I just wish CCG gives attention to Java as much as Bedrock is. *cough listening to the community cough*. But still, I love how they come up with these maps and new features and textures, they look great. But please CCG, a lot of people have great suggestions with more people agreeing, can you just listen more? <3

  10. congrats happy 10th birthday Cubecraft

  11. I will be waiting for this update
    But wait…
    Where is Skyblock End update?
    By The Way Happy Birthday Cubecraft.🎉🎉🎉

  12. Happy Birthday CubeCraft! I can't wait to see the traps people make with Warden lol

  13. No me deja entrar juego en xbox y me aparece invalid frame ni se que es esa mare

  14. Pls unban all the I'd that's our gift from u pls

  15. OK



    Ten ten ten

    error openGL 65542


  16. Cubecraft atleast make it soo 1.18 can also play

  17. Finally a good update after the recent update of removing minigames and the even older update on removing even more minigames. Rip the old arcade lobby

  18. By far one of the oldest and one of the best server in the Minecraft community🎉 Good job Cubecraft

    Also:End update soon?!???

  19. ℂ𝕣𝕒𝕫𝕖𝕕𝔽𝕠𝕟𝕕𝕏 says:


  20. Making the armor mechanics vanilla was a good call, but you guys did not account for it whatsoever. You die way too fast, because you didn't add more prot armor to account for the MUCH weaker vanilla armor mechanics. Also the forced resource pack is garbage, no one wants a loading screen every time they join and leave the server, not to mention how distracting the pack itself is.

  21. 9ล้านปีที่แล้ว says:

    I want this server to be able to play from version 1.16.40 and above.

  22. I hate this update because i played onlow pc 1.12.2 you faka

  23. im happy. but why did u have to remove towerdefense. that was my childhood 🙁

  24. Happy 10 years it is amazing server and i really liked it.😊🎉 but i also want the RPGS we play eariler like easter bunny, i hope in this Easter somthing will happen if it is, it will be much better for us players
    Keep developing ❤️

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