SHEEP QUEST | Minecraft Mini-game with Smallishbeans -

SHEEP QUEST | Minecraft Mini-game with Smallishbeans

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Join me and Joel as we play a minecraft mini-game on called Sheep Quest. Four teams battle it out to see who can collect the most sheep in this custom gamemode on multiplayer minecraft server Mineplex 🙂


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Music by: Monstercat
Nitro Fun – New Game
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Intro Music by: @ToddAndChips
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  1. Anyone notice she walked right past red at her base?

  2. 1 should have gone stealing sheep
    1 should be killing people
    1 should protect the sheep

  3. Stupid red and blue. It's not really blues fault but still.

  4. 😝 LIZZIE! Who else got a little mad when Lizzie didnt see the blue guy in the base .PS i still love you LIZZIE!💙💜😘

  5. Lol I’m watching this with my sheep teddy


  7. Lizzie I was in the same server

  8. I hate the blue you should win ld but blue and red stop you 🐑🐑🐑

  9. Red and blue is teaming the red are weaker so the red team up to blue so they won RED AND BLUE SUCKS gg

  10. 4:00 There’s a flipping blue guy right there and she walked past him

  11. PLEAS play more of this!!!! like if you agree!!!!

  12. The red person was bringing sheep to the blue team because in chat someone said I'm going to team up with with blie yeam or something like that…

  13. Lizzie: HEY GURL HEY
    Joel: HEY GURL HEY….
    silencio I like harry potter😂

  14. That looks like funneh in the begining

  15. My username was SheepQuest, played that game for years, use to be the best. Then mineplex got rid of a lot of the mini games sadly depressing.

  16. When red dye popped out when they died so sad

  17. Lizzie you could have yell at the cross teamers

  18. You literally waljed right passed a BKUE STEALING YOUR SHEEP

  19. cake wers pls pls pls ti is going to be hordr to get killed so pls and ths

  20. This was the first Video with the new Intro 🙂

  21. Her calling him bae in 2021 when they're married hits different

  22. maybe you should go get the sheep, and Joel should watch so no one steals the sheep

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