Show of the Week: Far Cry 5 and 5 Fishing Mini Games Better Than Actual Fishing -

Show of the Week: Far Cry 5 and 5 Fishing Mini Games Better Than Actual Fishing

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Hope County in Montana is the setting for Far Cry 5, and it might have once been a relaxing vacation spot once but things have taken a turn for the murdery thanks to doomsday cult Eden’s Gate. At least you can still go fishing and, as we find out later in the show, fishing in videogames is way infinitely better than fishing in real life. Subscribe for this show weekly, why not:

I mean, have you ever been fishing? You have to sit still for ages and touch worms and even if you win, all you win is an angry fish with a hook in its mouth. That’s why fishing in videogames, like you can do in Far Cry 5 for instance, is so much more fun and so much less gross.

When you go fishing in the real world, to elaborate still further, you have to dress up in gear that’s unflattering and unfashionable like rubber fishing trousers. The ones that have the boots attached, you know the ones I mean.

In Final Fantasy 15 VR fishing experience Monster of the Deep, on the other hand, Noctis and his fabulous royal entourage go angling in the finest of designer threads. Score one for videogames.

Even better is the fishing in Nier Automata because, unlike in regular fishing, you have a tiny hovering robot that does all the hard work for you. Like a roomba, but it’s cleaning up the ocean floor.

Forget struggling with rods, and tackle and bait and hooks. Just stand near the body of water you want to fish, send your Pod in, and then sit back and wait for the fish to come rolling in. When our fishing technology has advanced to that point, then I might be interested.

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  1. My cod, fishing is eel-y fun in some games but other times it's a load of carp. Sometimes it's difficult and gives you a splitting haddock but sometimes you just have to do it for the halibut. Either way, great video.

  2. Forget the mosquitoes, forget the bait, forget the outside-ness…real fishing is just plain boring. Any video game more boring than fishing wouldn't make it to the shelves; the publishers would pull the plug to avoid losing face.

  3. So I smashed the like button like Andy said but…let's just say repairs cost 233 pounds

  4. The gold scale in "Zelda: OoT" is nice, but it's nothing compared to the bullets you can reel in in "Deadly Premonition."

  5. Danger bag all laboratory rice concept cash elementary sexual.

  6. Mike: "That's it, I'm turning this show around!" Does this mean we get to see the kitchen again? Or is that where you keep the Oxtra crew when they aren't chained to their editing desks?

  7. Anyone else instantly think of Animal Crossing?

  8. other good games that have fishing in them are:

    Ark: Survival Evolved
    Breath of Fire 3

  9. Digimon World's fishing mini-game was amazing. You have to manage your line tension so it doesn't break while pulling the fish closer. Digimon World: Next Order has fishing as well, but it's a simple press when it bobs mechanic.

  10. Man, talking about Fishing Mini games. I spent far too much time on the PS1 playing the Breath of Fire IV's fishing mini game. Hours of my childhood wasted.

  11. Maybe one person on co-op will be Andy Griffith and one will be the gas station attendant from the Andy Griffith show. I was made to watch it when I was younger. Thanks granny!

  12. Hang on… Is no one going to tell Mike that Hope County is FICTIONAL? Seems like his vacation is going nowhere…

  13. No fishing in Breath of Fire III/IV? Epic fail, guys

  14. Shirley everyone's mentioned hooking magic books in Minecraft, then singing Fiddy Cent's song "I got the magic book, maaaagic!"…..

    Just me?

  15. Instructions unclear,
    The like button escaped and started a family in Hope County, changed his name to Joseph Seed. I think he's a preacher now. Hope everything works out for him

  16. whats wrong with a doomsday cult i have one ho no they found me help!

  17. I guess I have a tattoo of a penguin on my inner for arm, I was so sure it was a crow this whole time

  18. How about fishing in Minecraft you catch creatures that no real life fishing spot has like Squids, Cows and my personal favorite Chickens. You don't even need water

  19. Lmao the coop says "Friends for hire" they know me too well.

  20. My favourite fishing mini game would have to be from Okami.

  21. Hey! Montana is not that bad, you just have to avoid some crazy people with guns and over active wildlife. Maybe I should get a vacation out of here, I heard that Kyrat is lovely this time of year.

  22. so nice to see Nier Automata in a video again, just for that u get a 👍 Jane

  23. I always snapped the line in Fable. Why do I feel like Mike could relate to my lack of patience?

  24. What about Resident Evil 4? Fishing was as easy as shooting fish in a barrel… or river… or lake… or marsh…

  25. Random, but imagine being in a room with hundreds of coffee mugs with "100% mug" written on it, and there being ONE mimic

  26. So the throne the Jarl is sitting on is actualy…. This gives the "Nude punching Jarl Challenge" while new dimensions

  27. What about fishing in assassin's creed black flag? This is REAL fishing!

  28. I was expecting that bathtub jumpscare to pop up randomly after Jane threw it out there…

  29. Apparently Mike did not take Oxtra's 7 reason Not to Vacation in Hope County advice.

  30. Fishing mini-games => see also Fable series and Oceanhorn!

  31. I saw the title and instantly thought ocarina of time

  32. I think that should be Jane's new catch phrase, especially for insults. "Fiddly bastard" 6:56

  33. Why was mike so mad about smashing the like button

  34. But guys, ringing church bells with your face is part of the grand old traditions of oxbox challenges!

  35. Where is runescape! Ya just click and than go to another tab and do something else. Amazing!

  36. Yet no Pokemon on the list tut tut tut it's simple easy and ur all ways GOING TO GET THE MOST USELESS POKEMON EVER 🙁

  37. at 1:08 there's a sign that reads;

  38. Tune in next week when Mike is fleeing for his life with hilarious results. Lets hope all that plane experience from the Crew 2 comes in handy.

  39. Mabye fishing in the uk is boring but not in the us

  40. Where's fable's fishing competition?? That shit broke your thumb through repetitive strain injury Nd is still better than reel 🎣 life

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