Skyrim Mod: Tavern Games - Mini Games in Skyrim -

Skyrim Mod: Tavern Games – Mini Games in Skyrim

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Tavern Games – Mini Games in Skyrim

The Battle of Heroes

Lively Inns and Taverns

Intro/Outro Music:

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  1. What mod made the camera shake in first person?

  2. You guys should do a video on one of the Middle Earth mods on the Nexus.

  3. All these elaborate games…
    Yeah, nice and all, but:

  4. Wasn't there supposed to be a mod series for a perk overhaul mod? What happened to that?

  5. mod that messes with every tavern in skyrim… No. I imagine there can be plenty of issues with mod clashing over this. Cool idea tho

  6. When are the Ordinator perk videos gonna come out

  7. When are you finishing off the ordinator perk mod vids? Love the videos you shaped my skyrim 😀

  8. I like the idea of there being a small chance that the NPC will be aggressive but it'd be more interesting if the enviroment and character are taken into account. e.g. a posh polite lady would never get agressive yet someone that's an adventurer, lower in poverty or just in a bad relation with you would be more likely. Speaking of the enviroment it'd be interesting if you could "cheat" by buying them drinks that have different effects. Most obvious being they could be more sloppy in the games or if a normally unaggressive character would be drunk enough to fight. Maybe a more aggressive character would be more mellow and less likely to fight after losing.

    Another idea is maybe a debt system that can work both ways that scales depending on debt. If you buy them drinks earlier they might be inclined to forgive you or take those drinks into consideration and lower your debt. Ideas like instead of straight up money they might ask you to buy a round of beer for the tavern.

    On the other side, if they're the ones with the debt you could choose to forgive them and gain a boost in your relationship with that person. Or even ask them if they can pay the debt with an item like a random weapon, armor, enchanted item or even simple stuff like potions or food depending on how severe their debt is. Perhaps if you have more malicious intentions you can convince them to commit a crime. But it should take the person and debt into account as it would be unlikely you'd send someone friendly to commit murder.

  9. Hello Brodual I love the videos you upload and wondered if you could make a "special section" for scary mods for Skyrim 🙂

  10. What Fps camera mod do you use? The one with the bobbing head? I've been trying to find it withouth success. Thanks!

  11. Does anyone knows a mod to speed you up when you're not in combat and take you to your normal walk/run speed when you enter it?

  12. i like mxr mods better you are to boring no offense

  13. All I ask for is a variety of inn games (like poker from Far Cry3 or gwent) and just more stuff to do like races and other cool mini games (Perhaps some magic ones in the college of winterhold/the variation of a mage's guild in the next TES game) to make everything more immersive.

  14. Now if they could just add poker and euchre that would be fantastic.

  15. Me and Sagitarius are going to do a mod collab, he is the guy who made this. I made the Ace Dog Companion mod if anyone downloaded that.

  16. hey brodual nice vid! btw what mod for the first person view are you using? Immersive First Person View perhaps?

  17. I'm really impressed with some of the mods coming out lately. Keep up the good work modders and mod reviewers.

  18. A word of advice: do not mix gambling and drinking. Taken together, they will empty your pockets of every septim

  19. Acromage (from mm7/mm8) in taverns would be awesome. I'd pay for that. Then an acromage tournament in all the taverns and when Tamriel Online is (ever) finished: multiplayer acromage tournaments:p


  21. What ENB is that? looks so good and smooth ty.

  22. This should have been in the game. Gonna install this for sure. 😀

  23. YAY I WON THE LOTTERY!!!! What do i get? Oh here you go a spiced wine that is useless and can find in a bandit camp.

  24. this is what i would like to see in es 6 i really hate how all you can do in the city is cut some wood

  25. whats that mod to walk side to side like rocking back and forth

  26. 2:15 and 2:32 well more like snakes and ladders combine with trivia pursuit and it make it medieval.

  27. It's weird how Skyrim didn't have any tavern games but Witcher 2 had 3 (arm wrestling, brawling, and dice poker). And they were both released on the same year!

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