SO FUN! 6 BEST MINI GAMES to Play in Brawl Stars! -

SO FUN! 6 BEST MINI GAMES to Play in Brawl Stars!

Coach Cory – Brawl Stars
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SO FUN! 6 BEST MINI GAMES to Play in Brawl Stars!

Here we play some friendly battles of mini games in brawl stars! We play 5vs5, hot potato, protect the president, only dynajump, david vs goliath, and more! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy!

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  1. 4:05
    Mortis': O Mae wa mou shindeiru..
    Cory and Other Shelly: NANI!?!?!

  2. Finally! I’m not alone and I can play with my friends bots


  4. Props to the guy who said "WATCH JOJO ITS COOL"

  5. What is your Id in brawl stars so I can be your friend also my name is BRO

  6. At least one person at every mini game probaly cheated,I just know it

  7. i like the dude that said '' watch jojo its cool ''

  8. Bruh I did this and then my bodyguard Shelly auto-aimed Super on me

  9. Omg if only persuating others to press ready wouldn't take more time than the gameplay.

  10. Imagine somebody used demolition instead of dynajump

  11. 3:46 me as shelly looking at the other people
    mortis:allow us to introduce ourselves
    Me:oh no…

  12. Bruh someone said watch jojo its cool ans yes it is cool some of your meme reviews some of the memes are jojo referenced

  13. I did the dynamike star power challenge I know how to move by myself without watching the vid!

  14. Anyone only click this for the thumbnail?

  15. Mini game idea: 9 dynamites vs 1 mortis. All the dynas on a team (me and my club play this game)

  16. Mini game:dodge and capture go to Massive attack the enemy team has stall the capturer from getting 100% the teammates will stall the enemy team by attacking them and killing them.

  17. I have one and I name it Pew Pew Parasol: Everybody is Ambush Piper and you can only shoot when you are inside bushes.

  18. I’m sad I can’t play these mini games because I don’t have 9 friends who want to do this with me.

  19. Guys My friend and me made a mini game. It is called bibi tag. Use the first start power to tag people. Enjoy 😊

  20. Normal people: have nice day bye

    Brawl stars players: bye have a greate time

  21. meanwhile bea on the thumbnail: spike your spikes stick into my hands

  22. Piper Dodgeball-

    Everyone is piper. If you get hit once you go die in the poison. Try to hit other people. If you don’t have piper. Be bea.

  23. Let’s appreciate the fact that we appreciate this fact :>

  24. Thumbnail: out of all the brawlers they choose to hug spike.

  25. From were did you get bibi’s bat and the other brawl stars stuff?

  26. Those brawl boxes in the bottom left takes me bacj

  27. For me the entire video was just a black screen

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