Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 - Official Mini-Games Trailer -

Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 – Official Mini-Games Trailer

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Take a look at the mini-games for the upcoming mobile game, available on May 7, 2020 on iOS and Android.



  1. 5238659086 أحمد GBS1 شدات
    Please send to the Bubji intensities

  2. 5238659086 أحمد GBS1

    Please send to the Bubji intensities

  3. Came for the comment section. Did. Not. Disappoint.

  4. 0:16
    Game: what character is this?
    Me: ITS PIKACHU!!!!!!!
    Game: it's Sonic
    Me: sorry…old habits.

  5. Ah yes my favorite Olympic sport: Number Lock

  6. Salutations IGN and to the beautiful person scrolling down the comment section. Have a wonderful day and a blessing life

    Small channel that would love your support. But u don’t have to check me out .not begging

  7. Dr. Mario had no time for the Olympics. He’s in Brooklyn battling Coronavirus.

  8. Oque isso tem com as olimpíadas mesmo??

  9. Ummmmm what part of that was the Olympics

  10. A game based on an even that NEVER HAPPENED……lol

  11. imagine coming up with a single original minigame.

    No srsly imaging an original minigame this post was made by the sonic at the Olympics developer gang

  12. This is the only way you're gonna watch the Olympics in 2020.

  13. Sonic is one of the best cartoon characters in the world 😍👍
    But Covid 19 Corona virus Cancel Tokyo 2020 😔🤔

  14. Thought this was DLC on Switch… soooo disappointing

  15. Why is this called the Olympic Games? There's nothing that remotely resembles them.

  16. Damn… Mario didn’t even make the cut for a mobile game. What a power move.

  17. Damn this game is less historically accurate than Battlefield V.

  18. When we thought that 2020 gonna be a wonderful year

  19. Mario not being here is essentially Josh not inviting Drake to his wedding

  20. The IOC should really let us host the Olympics

  21. sonic at the Olympic games :
    where is the olympic in those games?
    where is the game? (seriously find the sequence????)
    and where is sonic ??? In a doodle jump game…. AGAIN!!! 😀

  22. Another Olympics game? Come on give me a break

  23. So….they’re adding simple minigames nothing to do with the olympics? That’s a filler for sure…

    Why not….dream events?

  24. it have the Olympic word on the game yet none of what they're showing is "Olympic" related.

  25. So, even with the olympics being postponed for a year, this game’s still getting the go ahead? I guess with the title reading this year, people would know what event it’s for, right?

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