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Squiddy Sundays – SQUIDDY POTTER! – Lucky Island Mini Game!

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Hello Everybody!
Welcome back to Squiddy Sundays, today myself and Ash are playing a mini game called ‘Lucky Island’ where you have to open random blocks on the map and fight with the items you collect!

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  1. I like how ash has the same skin but different skins …. like sometimes he is normal cheeks and sometimes he is astronaut cheese and something's he is skeleton cheese…

  2. EDITING IS ON POINT OMG!!! Keep up the good work

  3. Squid: 2+2=10
    Well done squid….well done

  4. Play this more please 😝😝😝

  5. Hi squiddy please go on more aventure maps. I really enjoy you trying them! I love the editing.

  6. The editing effects on this video were masterful.

  7. This video is amazing I laughed so hard when ash died and when the blaze appeared and when u where killing someone who was in your team let's just say your video was funny!!!!😘

  8. does speedy still edit your videos editing top notch and squid it's half a dousin of granny Smith apples

  9. squid need to work on your spells 🤣😉🙈💩👏

  10. I wish there could be a way to show more support

  11. If your Harry Potter why can’t you just use invisibility cloak

  12. Ummmm i think its 1person=5luckyblocks
    Then that means 2(1)

  13. Anyone else watching this in 2020 trying to get back to the good old days

  14. Remembering the past, these were simpler and happier times

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