Stampy's Top 10 Battle Mini-Game Maps -

Stampy’s Top 10 Battle Mini-Game Maps

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Welcome to my top 10 favorite battle mini-game maps that have been released on the console edition of Minecraft. They are based partly on how good they look but mainly on how well they play. Enjoy.

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  1. Wait.. why don't I get any of these maps?
    I play on Wii U so everything should be updated 100%….

  2. My favourite map is the wild west one with the train being where most battles and skilled players go to and the train holding the best items!
    However my LEAST favourite map is the Halloween one as it's hard to manovour and you have no idea where your going. Also the texture pack makes it so it's hard to tell what armour type is what. Also SCREW THE LAVA. The lava CAN add difficulty and fun.. CAN. But it's mostly where people sneak up behind someone and kill them without a fight. Overall I HATE this map.

  3. Hello we are back there but it will be easy we will go back to the future with my cat promise you promise you you are me and that really made all that up and tell me your future

  4. There is a difference between battle mini game and hunger games for those who said that that it's all the same, okay

  5. What do you guys call that ''Stampy shooting arrows, while player foolishly charge to stampy, only to die'' Move?

    I would call it ''The Stampy Sharp Shooter Combo aka The SSS Combo''

  6. Mine is castle because it looks awesome and has varied matches

  7. my best three are shrunk castle or cavern

  8. I think castle is fun but I dont have money do I can only ever play Thr three standards😭

  9. Can you do top 10 favourite Mashup packs? Huge fan stampy!

  10. Who in this comments section recognizes this username: "Ashler89"?
    My top five are:

  11. 1 Festive
    2 Halloween
    3 Valley
    4 Capitol
    5 Atomics
    6 Castle
    7 Dig
    8 Crucible
    9 Lair
    10 Medusa
    11 Ruin
    12 Siege
    13 Temple
    14 Libertalia
    15 Cove
    16 Cavern
    17 Shipyard
    18 Invasion

  12. Did anyone say at 3:31, stampylongnose was slain by stampylongnose

  13. My
    favs are 10 is howwen 9 stunk 8 valy 7 festive 6 shipyard 5 invashin 4 alants 3 sige 2 lair 1 medusa and bonus follot batle pack

  14. I love dig frontier castle temple cove and shrunk

  15. My least favourites are libertalia capitol festive halloween frontier dig shipyard invasion

  16. Has anyone realised that Cove has two maps.

  17. I really miss these minigames. I never got my hands on a PS4 or an Xbox one and by the time I did, the Xbox one edition was removed and moved to bedrock edition, and they didn’t keep the minigames. And I didn’t want to buy A PS4 so the only time I could play these minigames where at my cousins house all the way back in Europe he had a PS4 there.

  18. My favorites are


  19. My favorite map was shrunk. I loved the idea of battling as a tiny little ant

  20. I also did 2 videos on my 10 favourite and 10 least favourite battle mini game maps, go check them out if you want 😉

  21. The only map packs I hav on this is map pack 4. The best map is shrunk.

  22. 4J studios has to bring these console edition mini games to bedrock edition. Their biggest mistake they have ever made is not bringing this to bedrock.

  23. Damn stampy really used to be good at PvP

  24. Why did they take this out!? This is why I loved Minecraft so much more!

  25. I cant find a way to get these maps on java if anyone can help me I can revisit my childhood

  26. Mine is cove because I find it really fun to battle In all the different places also I have so many memories there

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