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Ghosts vs High Templar. The mini game of Terran vs Protoss.
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In this professional match of Protoss vs Terran between Stats and INnoVation I cast a game on Turbo Cruise ’84. One of the new maps in StarCraft 2.

A macro focused Protoss vs Terran between two top-level pro gamers.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.


  1. You gotta love Innovation !! Terran steel 💪💪

  2. Does the slow from the inhibitors just affect movement or does it affect attack speed too? Stack with slows like fungal? Looks like they are cylindrical which is nice instead of hemispherical.

  3. I thought I simply didn't know the correct strategy to go about standard protoss (high-templar, chargelots, archons, immortal) with Terran and then comes Innovation with a simple unit composition as marine medivac marauder ghost (with widow mine support???) and does it masterfully. What a sight to behold 😮

  4. This map is really interesting, i can see lots of different changes to normal play to adapt to slowing fields.

  5. Im a simple man. I see innovation and press like.

  6. Can you please cast a MaxPax vídeo please?

  7. Every video:

    Oh man these two big armies are finally going to face each other in battle…
    But oh look there is a drone in the far corner of the map just sitting here. I wonder what’s the plan for…
    Oh yea let’s go back the the battle…OMG half the units are already gone!

  8. Lowko you need to learn Korea in order to up your SC2 casting game lol

  9. Turbo Cruise = tteerrrraann ssllooww ppuusshh

  10. I cant possibly be the only one who thinks the whole da maur the wall thing is cringey right haha

  11. Maybe not anymore, but what about Flash, DRG, and JaeDong?

  12. Maybe Stats did not see the siege tank so he blinked forward?

  13. what stats said is closer to "this ain't it"

  14. I don't feel that either player was using those fields to the best advantage. Imagine if the high templar had been defending not by the base but by the fields and it would have been a very different game. Trying to push through the slow under a Psion storm would be nearly impossible. Also should have set up observers along that crevice by his base which would have allowed a lot more opportunities for the tempest and high Templars to get a lot more damage done.

    For Terran loading those medivacs up and dropping around the fields would have been devastating especially due to the slow tempest play. He had enough for basically the whole army by the end.

    Early game turtle Terran will be especially scary with the siege tanks sieged by the slow areas. Air quick would be required or else they would lose so much more than normal. These are just a few of the things I can think that will really make this map shine. Ranged units will be extremely valuable, and air will most likely have an increased presence. Spell casters with hard to hit abilities will be great.

    As lowko said new map so hopefully we will see some amazing uses later on. I think there will be a few surprising twists in unit combinations and possibly some units who don't shine elsewhere can have their place here. (Hoping for mass voidrays :D)

  15. Hey lowko I just began to watch your channel and wanted to know if you have any tips for me transitioning from campaign to pvp

  16. Stats had no chance. Innovation too good and of course being Terran, the most efficient race of all what did you expect?

  17. Horrible decision making from Stats, Tempests were the worst use of his resources with the unit composition he was going up against.
    Colossus , Disruptors, or Carriers would have been a much better use of his gas

  18. Other Dominant Terran Players: Maru, Special, and Gumiho

  19. Stats was saying, "this isn't it…" / "this ain't right…"
    In English it would be similar to "well… that's not what i wanted…"

  20. What an awesome game, and that super-fast Lowko talking

  21. Yeah that charge did get slowed down lowko

  22. am i crazy is it just me or 3 colossus would have won the game

  23. Seemed like this wasn't so much cast for being a good game as as weird one for the new map – the game was pretty one-sided with innovation being waaaay ahead for most of the game even if it took lowko quite a while to notice.

    Edit: Of course a few good storms could bring it back, just as a good emp could end it, so it wasn't over, but wasn't really a back-and-forth nail-biter.

  24. Show more Serral games pls would be really awsome. Keep it upp 😉

  25. "cant wait to see a pro game on this map" proceeds to cast Stats vs Inno.
    Whut? Lowko is confused, it hurt itself in confusion

  26. i must admit i got some goosebumbs seeing stats vs innovation 😉

  27. What is that for a UI you got in your Videos? is that Something you need to download or is it in SC2? And if so, how can i activate it?

  28. ajaja .. sadly u cant translate that for us 🙁

  29. lowko you banned me
    i saw you hit /unban but im still banned (bringdadragoonback)
    normaly i would accept it but i dont even know why i was banned
    pls its been 4 months you were and still are my fovourite streamer
    pls tell me where i went wrong

  30. The reason I'm not subscribed is because I'm not really interested in your non-SC2 videos. Sorry man, nothing personal, I'm just not really interested in watching gameplay other than SC2. Youtube ends up recommending your SC2 vids anyway, so I don't usually miss out on one. I just don't need all of your non-SC vids in my subscription feed.

  31. You should cast the latest GSL group A either in its entirety or ignoring the matches with Armani in them The other 3 players in that group were Maru, iNnovation and Patience and I won't spoil any results other than Armani not being in the same caliber as the others.

  32. The entire game hinged on a fast projectile, high range spell to hit the right squishy bois. It's like watching ling/bane. It makes for great highlight clips, but isn't the sort of satisfying victory I'm looking for :/

  33. my marines always pass through the buildings in the middle of the map… is it normal?

  34. As someone who just watches sc2, I like this map. It reminds me of sc:bw maps that sometimes had these special things like mineral fields you only can pass through with workers in the early game. Things like these bring some new flavor to matchups and I do hope that blizz will accept more of these maps and that creators will be brave enough to use these things, even though pro players don't like these kind of things. I like it when maps force players to adapt their playstyle instead of executing a build order perfectly

  35. Just some Scion with imperial internet access says:

    Is it me or is inno so good at ghost and nukes

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