STICKY BOMBS! My new mini-game! - Hermitcraft 7: #61 -

STICKY BOMBS! My new mini-game! – Hermitcraft 7: #61

Tango Tek
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It’s time for another mini-game on the Hermitcraft server! Today we invent “Sticky Bombs”, a game with honey blocks, exploding TNT and fishing pole yoinking!

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Outro Music: Underwaterbeats – Delete


  1. -if you want to make the game multiplayer (not co-op), you could put your collected tnt in a barrel to send it to your opponent (best not directly, but as an item that drop on the wall)

    – you could make the fishing rod problem into a game mechanic by dropping fishing rods that you must catch before yours break. Maybe add some randomnes to the durability, so you have a chance to get a realy bad one

  2. You can make a mirrored version on the other side and make it a race to see which hermit can collect the most points!

  3. Idea: Make is so you have to Fish your new fishing pole

  4. Maybe there could be a competition where two hermits play at the same time and you could throw the tnt into a hopper and it will dispense at the other player

  5. You should make the timelapse music the background music, literally a bop

  6. dude, that time lapse music was hoppin, I'd love a full version of that XD lol

  7. You could always by unbreaking 3 from LLAMB as well for the fishing rods…

  8. slimeballs instead of snowballs?
    – fully automatic farming
    – can store more of them in a chest –> you don't have to refill as often

  9. Oooh idea, you can use the tnt to “buy” the extendo matic and maybe a few other upgrades, or like have a piston behind the wall to push the items, so after you get some tnt it makes everything easier

  10. Wouldn't it be cool if we had 8-bit noteblock instruments?

  11. Idea: add lapis to the game which can be crafted in 3*3 blocks which are worth 3 points. Harder to obtain but overall better value.

  12. Hey Tango, have you thought of participating in MCC?

  13. 5:15 — I have no idea what I am looking at rn. Clearly this Tangotek is some sort of magician.

  14. To make game interesting: – divide the stage so that more players can play at once .
    Also drop some diamonds to catch ( diamonds will be rarely dropped) for eg- 1 diamond after 10 snow balls
    Make a stuff corner where players can exchange items for snow block ( tango coins)

  15. How does he come up with this stuff…It's amazing Tango……

  16. I love how Tango made a game with fishing rods, because y'know who's BEEN using fishing rods and is probably gonna be really good at this game? Etho LOL

  17. Start of video. Kill a skeleton: CONTRIBUTION

  18. You should set 5 points for each snow block, 1 for each TNT block or something like that

  19. an idea for your sticly tnt game, maybe let some of the snow ball drops be a few items, that way the player gets a bit more points from each catch.

  20. What if you changed out the iron blocks for trapdoors and make a red stone clock that slowly powers them on and off. This would make it so that they could extend like a regular block but you could also fall in the lava and even when the trapdoors aren’t extended they are further than a block

  21. You could add strategy by also dropping ice and allowing that to be crafted into packed/blue for really big points. It'll take longer and risk losing everything, especially if the crafting tables you need are right by the TNT dropper.

    Also, maybe this could be a two-player vs game? Intentionally dropping TNT when the other player is distracted?

  22. Idea: you should make it so there is a small chance of getting a certain item like a diamond. If u catch the diamond, you can put one tnt on the persons side. You can either make it so the opposing team can break that tnt or not. If they can break it, the person placing the tnt has to be strategic when placing it so they place it right before a tnt is about o blow up.

  23. Game idea: use low durability blast protection leather armour as a rare drop to help survive 1 or 2 TNT blasts (as a rare drop)

  24. it needs a sudden death mechanic which triggers poison potions after a certain amount of time

  25. Idea: the playing platform get reduced/retracted the longer the game goes, making you closer to the tnt while also making it harder for you to hit the opponent's target block. Idk if its possible with obsidian tho

  26. I think you need some use for the TNT you fish out from the wall.

  27. Another idea would be making it possible for your opponent to close a door to the hiding spot preventing you from hiding

  28. This game looks awesome! Kinda feels like you had Etho in mind, haha! Great work

  29. Whenever I see Sticky Bombs now in Hermitcraft, you're gonna make me think about the TF2 Demoman. Thanks, Tango! 😀

  30. Tangotek's quote of the day: Hello! Welcome back to Hermitcraft, my name is Tango the hole digger and i am in a hole

  31. 14:54 i personally think that the dripping of the crying obsidian would work well since the entire game is about stuff falling.

  32. Idea 1: try to hook up some pieces of obsidian to double piston extenders, and the longer the run goes, the more the pistons retract the obsidian platform blocks so he has a chance to fall into a hole/lava etc.
    Idea 2: maybe a tnt shooter to go out of the walls or ceilings, and every few minutes (if it’s a good run of course) it can shoot a pair of tnt at the player for a lil “surprise”

  33. Idea for game. golden nuggets for bar of gold = 2 points, a gold carrot for health boost but make it rare for it to drop.

    redstone to confuse the player that it could be tnt, but also if they get enough for a redstone block then that could reduce the amount of tnt that drops for a certain amount of time.

    coal, so if 9 bits of coal make it past the player then tnt drops will increase.

    A few ideas for you 🙂

  34. Tango,
    I might be a bit late to the party but here is my idea for what to do with the TNT you collect.

    If you make the game a competitive format (which would require another sticky wall and the whole setup ideally) you cant do 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 etc players and insert the TNT into a barrel which, for every X amount of TNT given, it drops Y amount on the enemy team. Perhaps adding a "golden" item that drops 2-3 times in the game worth 2 or 3 points could add another twist, like a wooden bowl, and each kind of mushroom to make mushroom soup.

  35. Sticky Bombs


  37. This game is absolutely brilliant. Well done!

  38. I don't know why but tango is a God on redstone

  39. The automatic tomato initially last because antelope retrospectively warn an a cluttered octagon. clear, judicious pumpkin

  40. When are you releasing that villager mod

  41. This is pretty close to that old atari game "bomber man" i think the name is

  42. Dude… this game seems incredible.

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