Suikoden 2 Walkthrough Part 30 - Castle Tour and Mini Games -

Suikoden 2 Walkthrough Part 30 – Castle Tour and Mini Games

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Since the castle hit level 2, decided to give a full castle tour and show off the various mini games found so far. Yes, that is Gengen in the picture getting washed by Yoshino in a tub.


  1. Well sorry to bother I mean what everyone is talking about a perfect ending ….I'm confused how many endings u can have. ? And on wjay basis that ending depends ?? On the battles I lose or something else bro

  2. Careful Yoshino, you're a married woman. If Freed sees that…

  3. All those puppies are thinking on their stomach in the beginning of this video.

  4. how do i get flik? it seems he's not on my friends list. I notice it when doing richmond investigation just now

  5. Man… now think of it again… I spent quite the hours of my life playing this again and again…
    Used to play it in PS1 twice or three times…
    And then couple years back played it on my android phone twice. Never managed to get all 108 heroes and never got the perfect ending. My first run, I remember I got the worst ending…

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