Super Mario Christmas Party Minigames In Real Life -

Super Mario Christmas Party Minigames In Real Life

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Christmas Mario Party In Real Life

Watch Mario (Alex) and Luigi (Matt) in real life getting ready for Christmas, Super Mario Party Bros style. Join the Mario Brothers in their holiday Mario Party!

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► Credits:
Mario: Alex
Luigi: Matt


– A Super Mario World Holiday Album by LarryInc64:



  1. Hey I love your vids I will now watch you every day. Keep up the mario act and Luigi and Idk how you do those voice so like mario and luigi

  2. Yippee! Mario and Luigi Christmas!🎄 🎁 🍪 🎅

  3. MARRY CHRISTMAS Mario and Luigi have a great Christmas:)

  4. Awesome Video Nitro!!! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 😁🎄

  5. Nitro have you heard that the Mario movie coming out next year

  6. Great video and merry christmas to everyone I LOVE YOUR VIDS NITROPARKOUR!!

  7. 🎄Adelmarie Bonano: Holiday Winter Special🎁 says:


  8. Nitro Parkour ❤️💚⛄🌨️☃️❄️🔪🎃

  9. Maro and Wegie at it again. I love that weird energetic goofiness being displayed once again XD keep up the good work bros!

  10. Great! But I think Luigi would wrap that present much neater than Mario!

  11. Hey Nitroparkour,
    My question is when you guys are making videos like in the past. I mean like Santa vs Grinch, or Halloween villains vs Parkour. I miss these type of videos a lot.

  12. Mario Gamer juanteddy1234 Fnf Retrospecterfan says:


  13. Merry Christmas 2022 for you all! 🎅🎄🍬🦌🎁

  14. My boys are the best 😁 love your videos, you always make me laugh. I'm so proud of you. 💕😊

  15. Yes yes! Mario it best and amazeng and cool and winer

  16. I love they so much. Merry Christmas Mario and Luigi

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