Super Mario Party - All Mini Games -

Super Mario Party – All Mini Games

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Every single minigame in Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch.
00:00 Free-for-All Minigames
24:25 1-on-3 Minigames
32:01 2-on-2 Minigames
42:53 Team Minigames
51:41 Co-Op Minigames
01:02:06 Rhythm Minigames


  1. PLSSS- cause who ever playing mario is good😭

  2. The closest Mario was to losing a solo game was when they dig for coins he won by 1 coin last second my boy just didn’t want to lose any games on his video so he made sure he won everything before posting 🤣🤣

  3. Hammer And Sic Em
    Mario Popped Peaches Balloon At 44:58.
    Mario Popped Daisys Balloon At 45:00.

  4. Absolutely love this game, the minigames are awesome 🤩
    btw idk if I’m the only one playing this game in 2021 for the first time? 😂

  5. The minigames have to be some of the best in the series

  6. I didn't like it because Mario kept winning all the rounds

  7. Tysm I want this vid from long time and search for it

  8. estos minijuegos de esta version de mario party son aburridismos

  9. Is this game still worth to buy though the new super mario party came out??

  10. 축하드립니다 당신은 한국인의 댓글을 발견하셨습니다

  11. No es por nada pero de verdad gana varias veces mario y nunca los demás 😥

  12. I love some mario party! I gotta get this game 😄😄😄😄

  13. “Super Mario 64 DS will be remembered”

  14. 🦠 Wenn man in einem „💦-Pool“ eine gepolsterte „VR-Gaming 🪐“ 🏗 würde, die auf dem 💧 steht, was dazu dient, dem 🎮 ein realistisches 🕹-Feedback zu geben, könnte man 🎮 👾🏴‍☠️wie „💦Wave Race 2“ (🦠N64) mit 🤺🚵🦿-Control entwickeln.
    Die durch die 🤺Pedale verursachte „Movement-⚡️“ auf dem 💧 könnte man dann nutzen, um 🔋zu erzeugen.

    Der 🎮 könnte sich so auch sein 🍔🥙🥗 -&- 💰💵🪙 erspielen:
    Je mehr 🚴‍♀️🤺🦿, desto mehr 🌊 ´s, desto mehr 🔋 & desto mehr 💵💶💷 gibt‘s…

  15. 1:02:57
    Waluigi: All right, contestants!
    It's time for you to get into the rhythm, and follow the beat!
    And no cheating! Got that?!
    Others: Okay!
    Waluigi: Let's begin!

  16. is it me or it's just that in the FFA mode of taking their picture, shows mario punching the other's crotch?

  17. Peach is Crying by Fox & Squirrel Laughing! Peach is Winning by Doing Absolutely Nothing!

  18. Muy padre el video pero falto que los bots fueran de nivel maestro

  19. ⚠️ Warning JUMPSCARE in Wiggler minigame

  20. 역시 마리오(MARIO),루이지(Luigi)최고!!♥😘😍

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