Super Mario Party Minigames but I BUY TOYS of Whoever Wins!! *ALL CHARACTERS* -

Super Mario Party Minigames but I BUY TOYS of Whoever Wins!! *ALL CHARACTERS*

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SUPER MARIO PARTY Gaming Challenge: Full Movie Super Mario Party but I BUY Mario Plushies/ LUIGI Plushies, Luigi toys, Super Mario toys of who wins in Mario Party Superstars minigames Nintendo Switch gameplay and funny Super Mario toys! ALL MINIGAMES are on MASTER DIFFICULTY CPUS CHALLENGE ZXMANY, with buy now Luigi toys, Yoshi toys, Mario toys, and more!!! Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing is a hilarious Mario Party meme and today we play Mario Party but I BUY Whoever wins! Every minigame in Mario Party Superstars with Master CPUs Master Difficulty is difficult, and we play some Mario Party Superstar minigames and buy the toys for whoever is the winner of Mario Party Superstars challenge Master CPUs! All characters in Mario Party Superstars are amazing, and today we play Master CPUs MINIGAMES in Mario Party Superstars (all 100 minigames/ best 100 minigames/ top 100 minigames in Mario Party Superstars hardest difficulty with Master CPUs!) with Mario vs Luigi vs Peach vs Yoshi!! Many funny Mario minigames, amazing Super Mario minigames in the new Mario Party on Nintendo Switch!! Playing as all default unlocked characters and soon unlocking Pom Pom and Diddy Kong and all unlocked characters!!

We play some minigames from free-for-all minigames, 2 vs 2 minigames, 1 vs 3 minigames, survival minigames, sports minigames, and coin minigames!! AMAZING Mario Party Superstars Challenge with ALL 100 Minigames from all Mario Party Games, up to Mario Party 9 and Mario Party 10!

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  2. 1 question though How did you get the Kirby

  3. You never had diddy Kong or pompom in the game or plush

  4. Can you speak many game of Mario party

  5. Teach me how to make Kirby in this game! I’m obsessed with him!

  6. Kirby I want you to win no I’m upset now

  7. Why won’t this video share to Kids YouTube?

  8. The Kirby plushie and I'll subscribe

  9. How do you not like don’t like regular at all it is my least favorite new game in super Mario party

  10. Why didn’t you just buy Luigi plush like the others?😂

  11. Am I the only one who hates Don’t Wake Wiggler?

  12. Please give me one 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. Zxmany your vid’s are my fav with you and your sister whoever’s here with you to play

  14. I like off your stuff animals of your Mario stuffy. I’m also obviously sonic the hedgehog sort stuff animals.

  15. Why did you use evil bower and kirby sprite did you replaced bowser and bowser jr sprites

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