Super Mario Party's Two-Screen Mini-Games -

Super Mario Party’s Two-Screen Mini-Games

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Me (Tim Rogers) and Kotaku’s Cecilia D’Anastasio played Super Mario Party’s weird innovative “Toad’s Rec Room” mini-games. We had a pretty great time. It was perhaps only possible for us to have this great time because I astutely noticed the in-game menu text’s herculean effort to curb our expectations. “Check out Toad’s hodgepodge of toys and diversions,” the game said. I listened, and entered the exercise accordingly. Please view this video for a tiny bit of philosophizing on the matter.


  1. 0:24I like the subtle joke that you’d rather sit there alone watching 4 CPU compete than participate with the game.

  2. Glad I watched this before buying a second Mario Party Game smh. Almost bought a second for my roommate to play the 2 console games with me 😬

  3. i was almost certain Wario was in fact your real dad until this video. Darn.

  4. ur voice makes me feel really uncomfortable and I'm not quite understanding the jokes, hopefully this was constructive for the video

  5. This is hard to watch . This guy script was bad and the way he talks is weird not I'm not liking this .

  6. Where's the Megaman 11 review TIM ROGERS? HMMMM?

  7. I would beat you up for your haircut not your videogames

  8. Nice vid ! I really like Nintendo, im interested in this mario party, and this seems like a cool idea IF you have a friend who also own a switch, wich is not my case. I do have friends, but none of them own a switch, and im def not paying 135€ just to play it ( game+ new pair of joy-con ). Nintendo would be like " hey, we just assumed our products are so cool, everyone has one".

  9. I can't get the most out of my switch because A: I just moved and I don't have friends close to me

    B: They aren't into Nintendo games but they still love to play the switch with me when they can.

    C: Bills and Rent and parents keep taking borrowing money.
    I would have ALL main title switch games by now if it weren't for these reasons. But I'm still getting something out of it. I'm still having fun.

    Edit: Was planning on getting this Tomorrow because of Bills. FML.

  10. I wish you had time to review every game ever.

  11. "Then you're both playing FORNITE" Wasnt expecting that at all and died laughing lol

  12. Well I won't ever be able to do that mode as I have no friends

  13. I love your videos Tim! It's wierd seeing unsexy versions of these characters now though.

  14. oh for fuck sake, now everytime I see toad i just think trump dick, what have you done Stormy, what have you done.

  15. Tim Rogers is the best thing to happen to journalism.

    i also wasn't aware that there was any way to play any Mario party without being a colossal jerk, perhaps this is why i always have a bad time.

  16. You need TWO Switches and TWO copies of the game. The second is kinda BS, you'd expect there to be a download version for the second Switch.

  17. Well, this is a rare situation if I've ever seen one!

    Think about it. You would need:

    2 Switches

    2 Copies of the game

    And the mini-game had to be compatible with this configuration.

    Somehow, I think it would be easier to get the band Oasis back together.

  18. Good video, but kinda disappointing on Nintendo’s part. Glad I saw this before buying two copies of the game. 4 switchs live at my house but I see no reason to pick up more than one copy of the game

  19. I tried connecting two switch do they both need a copy of the game

  20. I play by myself and with family but mostly by myself

  21. Omfg, this reviewer is ass. State the fucking facts.

  22. I came here looking for a video showing me the exact steps to access toad's rec room using only one Nintendo account but you're not even getting to the point. I don't care about your path experiences with the Mario party games I came here for instructions on how to get into tow truck room cuz I got the two systems but I can't even connect the two systems because something about Nintendo account only being used on one system.

  23. @Kotaku aye big dawg nobody asked you to summarize the game for 5 mins. Stick to your title and get to the point genius

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