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Syphon Filter 3 Mini Games Walkthrough

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Syphon Filter 3 Mini Games Walkthrough. All maps. All difficulties (Trainee – Rookie – Agent – Special Agent – Commander). All game modes (Assassin – Biathlon – Demolition – Elimination – Thief). All 12 characters. No player damage (Demolition and Elimination). 250 (10 maps x 5 difficulties x 5 modes) games completed.

0:00:00 New York Slums
0:06:34 Whispering Woods
0:13:11 China Exhibit
0:20:03 DC Subway
0:27:47 Washington Park
0:38:54 Military Base
0:45:12 Phagan’s Warehouse
0:51:27 Colorado Bridge
0:58:45 Mesa Verde Exhibit
1:06:06 Rhoemer’s Fortress

1:13:56 New York Slums
1:20:25 Whispering Woods
1:26:51 China Exhibit
1:33:02 DC Subway
1:39:10 Washington Park
1:46:51 Military Base
1:52:43 Phagan’s Warehouse
1:58:34 Colorado Bridge
2:04:40 Mesa Verde Exhibit
2:11:32 Rhoemer’s Fortress

Demolition (No Damage)
2:18:53 New York Slums
2:31:28 Whispering Woods
2:45:49 China Exhibit
3:00:41 DC Subway
3:15:31 Washington Park
3:37:56 Military Base
3:52:48 Phagan’s Warehouse
4:05:38 Colorado Bridge
4:17:01 Mesa Verde Exhibit
4:31:53 Rhoemer’s Fortress

Elimination (No Damage)
4:46:46 New York Slums
4:59:31 Whispering Woods
5:16:33 China Exhibit
5:32:17 DC Subway
5:50:37 Washington Park
6:17:07 Military Base
6:43:07 Phagan’s Warehouse
7:02:24 Colorado Bridge
7:15:09 Mesa Verde Exhibit
7:29:47 Rhoemer’s Fortress

7:46:38 New York Slums
7:57:29 Whispering Woods
8:04:20 China Exhibit
8:09:31 DC Subway
8:16:08 Washington Park
8:30:46 Military Base
8:43:40 Phagan’s Warehouse
8:52:10 Colorado Bridge
9:03:15 Mesa Verde Exhibit
9:13:13 Rhoemer’s Fortress

9:28:17 Results

Captured at 1920x1440p x32CSAA 20-30fps.

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  1. > Play Mini Games> Always use Baglady> ??????> Profit

  2. There should've been a Mesa Verde stealth mission of SF2 disc 2. And then a mission on disc 1 between the bridge and train levels where Gabe's in the woods getting to the train.

  3. Df please make a Walkhtrough of Silent Hil 2

  4. Thanks .. Keep a good job my freind .. Azooz .. From saudi arabia

  5. This took some dedication lol, 9 hours. Holy shit.
    Thanks for this man, extreme feelings of nostalgia.

  6. All that hard work for a yellow trophy, huh?

  7. The mini games were the best part about Syphon Filter 3. I find it hilarious that even when playing as Teresa, she has to listen to herself from her radio.

  8. Thanks to this I completed Elimination on Commander difficulty for the China Exhibit level. Man that was tough.

  9. The moment when you shooting the glass but the enemy doesn't responding.

  10. ho tank i get nostalgie you reali do one brazilians happy tank you so very much

  11. I don't know about you guys, but this feature is severely underrated, sure Syphon Filter 3 wasn't the best, even though I still enjoyed it, but this "Mini-Game" feature is a really cool addition to the classic Syphon Filter games, I always loved the idea of a challenge mode, like to pick a challenge and character and attempt the challenge of various aims and goals. The reason why its great, its because it gives you more ways to enjoy the Syphon Filter gameplay and experience without having to resort to playing the campaign a repeated amount of times, you can pick a character, choose a challenge, and fight like a badass, there is a cool variety of missions and locations to choose from, which is awesome. I figured, why couldn't they add this to the previous Syphon Filter games? that would have been great! well, better late than never. Bottom line, the "Mini-Game"/Challenge mode feature is awesome and gives the game a good amount of replay value. I recommend Syphon Filter fans to check it out and give it a chance!

  12. Have you played for 9hours without stop bro?

  13. so what was the point in this? talk about redundant game parts. "SSSSSNNNNOOOORRRRREEE!!!"

  14. These mini games were quite good the only thing I didn't like is they would play the same music over and over.

  15. Holy Chris and everything that is holy LOL!… 9+ hours worth of gameplay just for the mini-games?!?!?!?!?!?!?! NO WAY! :O SF3 was one my childhood games (ahhh the memories) — the moment I saw the old lady immediately I thought "Bag Lady"? hehehe… But seriously, 9+ hours for the mini-games… that is some dedication right there – that's almost twice than the Campaign game time… unbelievable 😀 Up until today I still haven't completed the game (I was what? 6-7 yo back then…) hehe

  16. I remember playing new york slums a lot and the china exhibit.

  17. Get close enough and you could actually slit the targets throats which looked so cool

  18. How can I unlock the last mini game Rhoemer's Fortress?

  19. O Dfcator Longplay possui uma pérola dos vídeos de gameplay do YouTube: zerar o mini game de "Syphon Filter 3" que lhe rendeu NOVE HORAS DE JOGO!!!
    O melhor vídeo desta plataforma! 🎥♥️🎮

  20. Dá hora ver os bugs de parede destes cenários reaproveitados dos outros Syphon Filter's de PS1 😂😂😂😂😂😂♥️🎮.
    Ótima gameplay!

  21. Não deixe esse vídeo morrer! É uma jóia do YouTube! ♥️🎥

  22. Sf3 was a great game but wish 989 studios was working on it. But im happy they kept alot of the same cast to play roles Mara sounded awful as well as romer and betton other then that it was good to ty in with the story yet I thought it was kinda pushed us on a different kind of level I think it would have been a good one to finish the saga and keep Mara alive threw the whole series but love the story between and two was epic

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