The BEST $600 Gaming Mini PC? Unlocked Core i9 POWER! -

The BEST $600 Gaming Mini PC? Unlocked Core i9 POWER!

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NVISEN Y-GX01 Review. Intel Core i9 + GTX 1650 Mini PC with 16GB of RAM + 256GB SSD that sells for just 470 euros or $589. And It might just be the most powerful complete mini PC around for the price. From $628 here:

00:00 – Intro & specs
00:59 – Unboxing
01:53 – Design and ports
03:34 – Internals
05:21 – Bios & settings
06:22 – Windows 10 Pro, SSD speeds and devices
08:49 – Benchmarks, overclocking and undervolting
13:57 – 4k video editing and export times
15:58 – 4k video playback (HEVC and 4K60 HDR)
16:31 – Gaming performance
21:15 – Thermals, power use, and fan noise sample
22:39 – Final thoughts after 5 days with Pros & Cons

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  1. how batocera behaves on this machine?

  2. can we add an external graphic card ?


  4. Will it come with built in ram and rom? Or i have to install seperately on it

  5. If this mini PC uses an I5 9th generation processor, the price is reduced to 300 US dollars. This is more cost-effective, and the CPU temperature will be reduced a lot. Memory recommended 3600mhz high frequency memory

  6. The complete TU117 complete core 165O graphics card is for OEM only, and the retail 1650 only has 896 CUDA

  7. I messed up my bios no graphics output now where is the battery i cant see it?

  8. Hi, do you think it will last long without broken?

  9. hey guys if ur done gaming for a day i would recommend switching to integrated graphics so it dosent use so much power

  10. Hi, is anyone able to use 4k@60Hz or HDR in Windows 10? I tried 2 different adapters from DP to HDMI and one from USB-C to HDMI which didn't even work and no success… anything over 1080 allow me only up to 30Hz. 1080@120Hz works well.

  11. Thanks to you i think i will buy a mini pc like this . Thanks man!!!! You are a good Youtuber and tech enthusiastic

  12. HOW IS IT A PC IF THE GRAPHICS CARD IS a chip not the actuall one i am disapointed

  13. How is this €400?
    It costs €978€ for the 16GB + 256GB SSD I9 with GTX1650…

  14. I plan on getting the 32gb, 1TB SSD, Intel Core i9-9880H version of this for Gaming and Music Production stuff. gonna be sweet. so long as I'm above 40fps I 'm happy in terms of gaming, I'd say 50 – 60 is preferred obviously… but I'm not unhappy with 30 – 40 either. doesn't bother me too much.

  15. Nice review. Is it possible to add egpu with m.2?

  16. Is it possible to take out the pieces and put them on a another pc tower?

  17. Hi Chris,

    Would you know how to enable external GPU for this? Or if it's possible?

    Thanks 😂

  18. Do you know if this PC can use RAM DDR4 at 3200MHz?

  19. how is the noise under different loads? do you hear the fans?

  20. Hi @Techtablets the usb C port is not working on my unit , has anyone managed to fix it .

  21. Good review.

    great mini pc

    If can upgrade vga it will be great.

  22. Hi OMG I was looking to buy bulky type but here you are ! Great review , is it okay for simracing ? Do you advice any upgrade to make it good ? help pls

  23. I use USD America even though I am European born in the US just over the pond

  24. I know you warned us, but I managed to mess up the BIOS (tried to turn of optimus and now the hdmi output is off). Can you please describe how to reset the BIOS?

  25. Hi. Do you have any status update on this PC? How it is after 1 year?

  26. Nice video, man

    Quick question… What's the motherboard's brand? AMI? Just like BIOS?


  27. Wich software do you use to show benchmarks inside the games?

  28. I was worried if 1650 would be ok for simulation, ETS2 and ATS with some graphics and other mods, but seeing some AAA games running without any issues I guess I don't need to worry

  29. Hi! How are u? You have know idea how to disable the red light when i put him in Suspend Mode? Thanks😊

  30. I changed a setting in the BIOS and know I cant enter it anymore. Can you tell me where the CMOS sits?

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