The Best Minigames in Every Mario Party Game -

The Best Minigames in Every Mario Party Game

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Hey guys and welcome to todays video which took me quite awhile to make called the best mini-games in every Mario Party game. It took me so long so go through each and everyone in the franchise to pick my favourites, ones take always appear on top 10 lists and some of your favourites from comments and forums. I hope you enjoy and please subscribe to my channel and like the video!


  1. Well, since you included Hexagon Heat in Mario Party 2, shouldn't you have included Mushroom Mix-Up in the original Mario Party?

  2. In Mario Party 8 he says aim for the game but puts Lob to Rob in the video.

  3. My favorite minigame is cyber scamper from mario party ds

  4. 1:29 correction only bowser face
    Mario and friends in mario party 2

  5. Three throw is absolute garbage. The person on the far right can consistently get all the gold hoops and the people on the middle get screwed over so easily

  6. Mario party the top 100 am I a joke to you

  7. You forgot about star rush and top 100 but top 100 is a remake so fair enough

  8. There was only bowser in face lift of Mario party 1 in number 2 is when it had all the characters like Mario,Luigi,Peach,Yoshi,Wario, and Dk

  9. The worst and most unfair mini games in Mario party 2:
    Shock drop and roll, and bowsers big blast

    The best mini games in Mario party 2:
    Shock drop and roll, and bowsers big blast

    ???????? Which is it Copycat ????????

  10. My favorite super Mario party game is the one where you flip a meat cube. It’s simple but addicting

  11. Sizzling Stakes, Take A Pancake… Super Mario Party has a lot of good minigames in it as have other Mario Party games before it.

  12. Wait I’m confused on why you didn’t include Star Rush

  13. Where's Snowball Summit?? I literally used to play that mini game for hours in the mini-game room.

  14. Facts:
    Begging for subscribers every vid is the reason your viewership is so low.

  15. I think Shock Drop and Roll is super favored in the 3's. You just have to spam jump and you quite literally can never fall off the thing in the first place.

  16. And Mario Party Star Rush? The title says EVERY MARIO PARTY GAME, I now its not the best one but I like the minigames

  17. As a kid, when granite getaway came on i always thought it was a giant potato rolling behind. Anyways mp6 is the best mp!

  18. Im a simple man, a youtuber says "80% of you arent subscribed", I dislike instantly

  19. I wish the next mario party game had all the mini games so you would never get bored

  20. Shock Drop Or Roll!?
    Three Throw!?
    Chain Chomp Romp!?
    Throw Me A Bone!?
    Shell Stack!?
    Stompbot XL!?
    Fun Run!?
    Funstacle Course!?
    Wing And A Scare!?
    Dust Buddies!?
    Camera Shy!?
    Manor Escape!?
    Buzz A Fuzzy!?
    Bobseld Battle!?
    Fuzzy Flight School!?
    Making Faces!?

  21. No Eatsa Pizza? No Bumper Brawl from Super Mario Party? What is this madness?!

  22. You forgot Mario Party: Star Rush and Mario Party-e.

  23. Mario party 8 was sure disappointing even tho the boards rock

  24. Nintendo needs to make a Mario party with all the best maps and mini games remastered with new control schemes.

  25. Dungeon duos your stupid to not talk about that banger

  26. It’s kind of unfair to say that minigames like hexagon heat were some of MP2’s best when that game originated from MP1. Just saying. The rest of your choices are really good though for all the games except MP3. No puzzle party? No eatsa-pizza? No bounce n’ trounce? Disgraceful!

  27. i have no idea if anyone ever expected manor of escape to get into mario party superstars, but im not dissapointed

  28. “Precursor pf Mario hoops three on three” Bro this game came out years before that one did!

  29. subscribe and I'll subscribe to you back (plz sub) says:

    Im watching in 2022 and Mario Party Superstars is a thing

  30. by the way you forgot about mario party star rush

  31. Pushy penguins is my fave from 5, it needs more love

  32. this is erasure of rhythm and bruise from super mario party😤😤😤

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