The FNAF 3 Minigames are BEFORE FNAF 1, and Here's Why (FNAF Theory) -

The FNAF 3 Minigames are BEFORE FNAF 1, and Here’s Why (FNAF Theory)

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In my video on how Phone Guy being alive when the wall that blocked off the safe room was built means that William Afton died before Phone Guy, and as such, before FNAF 1, I noticed there was a lot of blowback, with many people not believing that would mean that William would die before FNAF 1.

However, one commenter pointed out a design detail in the minigame that definitively shows that the minigames would have had to take place before FNAF 1 since Scott could have very well chosen not to include it, and that is the animatronics themselves.

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  1. Conclusion: Fnaf lore will be easy to everyone if we stop doing this kinds of theories

  2. The buttons are on the fnaf 2 designs, and bonnie is blue in that game. That could be a major hint as to why

  3. It makes sense for you to be right! In fnaf 2, the phone guy says that they tried redesigning them, and added some of the new technology too. So maybe, they tried again. It also makes sense because of the possession time. In fnaf 2, on night 6 the phone guy says not to make eye contact with any of the old animatronics bc they have been acting weird. This is probably because that’s the day they possessed the animatronics. You never see their eyes blacked out with white pupils indicating that their possessed in fnaf 2, but you do see it in fnaf 1.

  4. That make he think, how did kids die in the fnaf 2 location, or did kids not die there and it was fandom speculation

  5. Nice just looked ad the first and here is it that what i said is what they knew all alond dame good work girl

  6. How my theory of how fnaf 2 and fnaf 1 are connected got destroyed in less than a minute:

  7. Mat Pat actually used this evidence, AND has the full version.

  8. I think you do better with the little details, while MatPat does better with the bigger picture. And Markiplier can go suck an egg.

  9. They might not be the withered ones.William might destroy the ones made for FNAF 1 place, then they re-designed


  11. Fnaf lore is just an abstract concept at this point

  12. so does that mean that william was there. with you. in the building. during fnaf 1.

  13. But if William was springlocked and sealed before fnaf 2 then who started killing kids during the dayshift

  14. When I first watched die in a fire by the living tombstone i thought that was how the Withered animatronics become withered

  15. Why does everyone keep confusing William Afton and his son Michael. In sister location he very clearly says he's Michael and that he dismantled the animatronics in fnaf 3. Why do people still say Springtrap is William

  16. if that is true why the animatronics kill the phone guy and want to kill mike schmidt ?

  17. I'd agree with this on that the animatronics are the fnaf 2 withered animatronics and thats way they are so withered in the first place but I think the location might be more likely the location before fnaf 2 there thats animatronic where from or the fnaf 1 location is simply reusing that original location.

  18. Wait so if the souls possessed the withereds, how are the FNAF 1 animatronics possessed too? We don't know what happen to the withereds after FNAF 2, and the FNAF 1 animatronics are clearly separate entities.

  19. fnaf 1 literally takes place in 1993 and william got springlocked in 1987

  20. Idiot the animatronics are scrapped after fnaf 1 it's like Harry telling umbridge that Voldemort's back.

  21. Also the heads of Freddy Bonnie chica and foxy are intact and not withered.

  22. Scott your not slick, I'm on to you. In fnaf 2 phone guy said "now ya got like power throughout all of the night so now it won't go out"

  23. Anywhere between 1987 and 1993 (Or the early 90s), the Withereds had been moved back to the 1st Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, for a possible reopening later on. William had snuck into the building of this 1st Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and dismantled the animatronics for one reason or another. Sister Location's placement in the timeline is still left up to ambiguity though, because while William was most definitely there for the opening of Circus Baby's Pizza World (FuntimeMCI and how it connects to Follow Me, which doesn't or might not take place in the same day), he may or may not have been there when the Entertainment and Rental opened. After all, Afton Robotics could've replaced him with someone else after his unexpected death.
    Edit: Hold on, how would he be able to send Michael down to the Rental facility if it opens after his death?

  24. 'I always comes back' -A wise man during All FNAF gamed

  25. i love ur vids! they help me understand the fnaf lore a lot more

  26. This makes since. The camera that has no video in the first game might have been Emily trying to hide afton

  27. Using the pixelated artstyle as evidence is extremely unreliable since many characters have been depicted differently in various minigames yet still being the same exact character. Toy Chica and Mangle's depiction in FNaF2 and FNaF3 minigames is a prime example of that.

  28. Fnaf 1 1993 Fnaf 3 2023 so no its not real😊

  29. This would also explain why the fnaf 1 animatronics have smaller heads, because of the whole cutting corners thing

  30. In the follow me minigame, there are even rats walking around the pizzeria
    Indicating that the place is abandoned, Additionally, Scott is inconsistent in his character designs.

  31. Hey, I started watching your videos recently, and although my opinions differed initially, you always manage to persuade me. Your theories seem very solid. I’d like to ask if you could make a video explaining your opinion on the timeline of the events, including the games, and the dates. This could just be a short where you say the order you think they happened. If you want, you could also reply with your timeline, whichever you prefer. Thanks for your tie! 😊❤

  32. Not to mention bonnie is blue and not purple (he’s clearly purple in fnaf 1 and blue in fnaf 2)

  33. Okay but i love the way you actively engage w your community ❤

  34. the animtronics in fnaf 3 minigames are Unwithereds

    unwithered are withered animtronic's but fixed

  35. Did William die from his balls being crushed.

  36. The FNAF 3 minigames take place after FNAF 1, the buttons are just an oversight by Scott. Sometimes he just forgets continuity, like not putting graves for the other kids who died in the 1987 pizzeria in the official ending for FNAF 6.

  37. Fnaf 2 was before fnaf 1. If the phone guy died in night 4 phone call (fnaf 1) then how is he back in fnaf 2, that proves fnaf 2 was before fnaf 1 and if you’re still confused on it just play fnaf 2 yourself and you will see what I mean.

  38. This is interesting to think about. But you have to remember that the Withered animatronics were pretty worn down. Withered Bonnie completely missing is face and Chica's missing hands and broken jaw. I doubt Fazbear Entertainment would have the budget to repair the suits, so they decided to most likely melt down their endos and make new ones, A.K.A. Endo-01. Because if these were the Withereds, why did the original animatronics try to kill the night guard? And judging by how Foxy still had his metal legs but both ears are in perfect shape, I don't think they'd deliberately leave Foxy busted if they had the choice to fix him.

  39. yeah, it makes sense if we think that way. still, i'm so much confused with a lot of things, fnaf lore is complicated, but thanks for explaining 😀

  40. I think the safe rooms were sealed so that the mci couldn’t happen again since there would be no murders if there was no costume but they brought golden Freddy to FNAF 2 since in the drawings golden Freddy is seen next to a kid

  41. I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned it yet, but Scott clarified the "location was left to rot for quite a while" from fnaf2 by using the fnaf3 minigames. My guess is that either a few years after the minigames, a team was called to the location for renovations, or multiple locations existed with the same general layout of the pre-fnaf2 location.

  42. If this is the case then why does fredbear has buttons on his chest if the sprite doesn’t have them and also why does sprinbonnie have only one button in fnaf 3 if the actual model has 2 buttons and one bowtie

  43. This is completely nonsensical though unless you think it's a retocon there is no way this is is the case when the games first came out

  44. Could William dismantling the animatronics be a result of them looking withered in the second game as well? And be the reason why Bonnie's missing his face and Chica her arms?

  45. Hopefully this works better as additional evidence 😀
    Also, for those saying the tapes were recorded too long ago for it to be about William, that's assuming they were all recorded around the same time, and that even though they were found in the FNAF 1 location, none of them were actually recorded there so 🤷‍♀️

    Hope you all have a nice day!

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