THE MELON | Hide and Seek | Minecraft Mini Game -

THE MELON | Hide and Seek | Minecraft Mini Game

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  1. Mommy why can't I be a melon? All the you tubers do it

  2. Can i get 1,000 Subs with no videos??? says:

    Spelling Ldshadowlady with my eyes closed: Ldsgadowlady

  3. spelling ldshadowlady with my eyes closed : LSDJADOW.XJ

  4. LDShadowLady people cursing in the background 🤔🤨😕

  5. Lizzie could have just gone into jeeps room to see

  6. Who else is trying to find an Ldshadowlady video that you haven’t watched?? 2020

  7. wow, it’s already been 6 years. i’m old skjdkekwk

  8. 6 years later and I'm still watching all of these videos from a really long time agoI can't bring myself to watch any new ones because I'm scared on how much I missed out I forgot about all these amazing people and look who showed up on my explore page LDShadowLady one of my favorites. Yammy Joel CPK Scott Oli and LDShadowLady are the only YouTubers I watched 3 years ago.

  9. The thing is Lizzie has picked some really good spots or blocks before but she always gets herself caught by telling ppl what or where she is or not staying still lol. She could have won so many rounds lol

  10. i am crying theres no way its been this long these hide and seek vids were my fav from hers id rewatch them like everyday ohmygod i miss this so much

  11. Watching this when Joel and puzzle are married little did they know

  12. 7:51 “Why are seekers always noobs?”

    Them: why are seekers always noobs?

    Me: Oi, dat is rude

  13. I didn’t even know what this was I just saw THE MELON, saw it was Lizzie and clicked

  14. Omg it took me so long to remember you and who remembers her old channel 😓 but she has not changed!

  15. 7 years later has 5 million followers. me still at 0 :')

  16. when Joel laughed just before that I farted
    he laughed at approximately 3:10

  17. X͜͡x͜͡F͜͡a͜͡l͜͡l͜͡ z͜͡ says:

    I love these videos- and I remember watching them as a little little child :,>

  18. i <3 dis video because it is hide in go seek and i love it

  19. anyone in 2021? It's crazy that it's seven years old

  20. Lizzie looks like a baby here! Who else is binging her vids?


  22. I’m watching all of Lizzie’s videos, leaving a comment to prove it.

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