The Most Powerful Mini Gaming PC... -

The Most Powerful Mini Gaming PC…

Austin Evans
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With an Intel CPU and AMD RX Vega M graphics, the Hades Canyon NUC is a dope gaming PC.
Can You Play Fortnite on a $200 Laptop?

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  1. Undervolting it will make it perform better

  2. I guess you can play VR chat on the go now……

  3. Why does it have to be an SSD? My parents' Macbook Pro has an HDD, and it still runs fast enough to get through editing my school documents.

  4. Legend says if you copy this meme, Austin will reply.

  5. Would you like to tell me what battery(detail) was you carry in the motorcycle jacket, thanks?

  6. what brand was the small monitor they had on the backpack setup?

  7. That is the same size as my tablet almost exactly. It's thicker though

  8. Buy a similarly priced laptop. Turn it on. Plug in peripherals. Close the screen. NUC.

  9. i think this chip must be used on a laptop

  10. How does the trident 3 compare to this? which would be better

  11. Does the RX Vega M GH/GL support FreeSync Technology?

  12. hey autsin can you try to find a good small gaming pc under 200 dollors pls it would be cool

  13. what game was that with the airplane? and… mackintosh possible???

  14. Have you heard about the ZOTAC Magnus Ek71080?

  15. if you have this laying around can you guys plz mail me this pc, i lost my laptop this year and rn i got nothing plz gift me this pc :"(

  16. I'l take 2. Love the form factor and the "Packed with Features" aspect. Yes Please (lower price would be preferred) but am I just being greedy, especially with the Mac Mini now released.

  17. ปัฐพี ฤทธิธรรม says:

    rx vega m = rx470 or 570.

  18. Was about to say what are those lights 1:42 but then realized that the headset most likely used infered lights for tracking which can't be seen by the human eye but can be by cameras

  19. I hear a lot of 1080p… I need 3440×1440 at 100hz.

  20. can you try to do dual eGPU and do a BlenderRender GPU test on the NUC ?

  21. Best computer I’ve ever bought. Seriously this computer is amazing.

  22. But can it run monster Hunter world iceborne

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