The New NUCXi7 Is A Crazy Fast Small Foot Print Mini Gaming Machine! Hands-On -

The New NUCXi7 Is A Crazy Fast Small Foot Print Mini Gaming Machine! Hands-On

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This is the most powerful and now our favorite Mini PC we’ve ever tested! This new thin small form factor gaming pc from MiniForum is absolutely amazing! In this video, we take a look at the NUCXI7, Powered by an Intel i7 11800H and backed by an Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU in a Super small form factor! We do an unboxing, overview, tear down, and test some PC games like Spider-Man remastered, Elden ring, god of war, Cyberpunk 2077, and more, plus we how it handles high-end emulation like PS3 using RPCS3, Xbox 360 emulation, and PS2! This thing is amazing for sure!

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Raspberry Pi 4:
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00:00 Introduction
00:58 NUCXI7 Unboxing
01:53 Overview
02:35 NUCXi7 VS PS5 And Xbox Series X Size
03:38 NUCXI7 Specs
04:51 Windows 11 Overview PERFORMANCE
05:28 SPIDER-MAN Remastered NUCXI7
06:59 Halo NUCXI7
07:21 Forza Horizon 5 NUCXI7
07:47 God Of War PC NUCXI7
08:13 Cyberpunk 2077 NUCXI7
08:39 Elden Ring NUCXI7
09:01 witcher 3 NUCXI7
09:28 Doom Eternal NUCXI7
09:45 4K PS2 EMulation NUCXI7
10:13 Xbox 360 EMulation NUCXI7
10:43 4K PS3 Emulation NUCXI7
11:13 CPU temps and power consumption NUCXI7
12:12 Final Thoughts

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  1. This is what I was thinking yesterday cell phone are so powerful how come they don't use cell phone components to build laptop mini desktop pc. This is amazing this is game changer.

  2. is there a way to swap fans/ get better cooling

  3. Is Cooling a issue with these? Or any low Power issues?

  4. I was really considering this but I really wish it had more I/O. That's honestly what I loved about alot of MF other offerings

  5. Where do you find your background animations?

  6. Hi there. Great video.

    Is this compatible with a Logitech steering wheel, and for playing games like Euro Truck Simulator?

    Also what’s it like for older FPS games, like Arma, Soldier Of Fortune.

    And for emulators like SNES, Arcade, etc?

    Sorry for the amount of questions. Ha ha.

    Thanks, and subscribed. 👍

  7. love how its just a laptop motherboard

  8. Is there a nuc like this that can also add a 3.5 hdd for 16 TB archive drive?

  9. Can I stream console in 1080p 60FPS or 720p 60FPS? I’m looking for something to allow me to stream my consoles in HD. Thanks! My MacBook Pro can’t handle what I do.

  10. Would I be able to multi-task like streaming, gaming and video editing for hours? Just want to see if i could without overheating ,I really love the sleek design.

  11. Is there any windows 10 version? I dont want windows 11. I dont want to have compatibility issues with my games

  12. How would Blender3D perform on this? Could it replace a pc ? I'm trying not to buy another laptop but I'm looking for a non bulky pc solution. If this makes sense to you. BTW, great review as always.

  13. This or the hx90 what does everyone think,thanks so much

  14. Whats the difference between VRAM and GDDR6?

  15. I love all these videos on mini pc. I bought a basic minis forum with a displayport and hdmi and it does great on Geforce Now when I play Arma 3. However I want to be a pilot with my HOTAS but I need a pc that can run Arma 3 without the use of Geforce Now because NVIDIA doesn't support HOTAS. Could you do a video challenging your favorite minis against Arma 3? It is a peculiar game when it comes to cpu and memory. Thank you.

  16. Im thinking about getting one of these just because i was considering a laptop and this is way cheaper, and has amazing performance plus i could take it into college and flex XD

  17. Ill definitely will be looking for one of these when the new line of mobile graphic cards come out. The form factor and ease of use make the price worth it. My little 2070 super will have to keep me busy till then

  18. I have an HP Omen 15 that has similar specs except the cpu is i7-10870h. Problem is the laptop is insanely loud when playing games or doing any sort of video editing. The heat sink configuration looks almost identiical to this. The fans are not the same though, it seems these smart fans are better and quieter than the laptop ones. I get thermal throttle but on the GPU. From what I can see the 3070 gpu in my laptop is set to stay at 60c. GPU performance never gets anywhere near max due to the throttling. I'm planning to dismantle the laptop since I use it as a desktop, put the motherboard on an open air test bench case and rig some better fans to the heat pipes of the heat sink.
    Do you know what the max ram is for this device? Can it support DDR5?

  19. i wonder if one could bastardise this thing, get the guts out and put it in a large, older, gaming laptop XD

  20. Perfect pc for someone who lives in a small RV.

  21. I'm getting this. I don't need a screen. I have a 75" tv. This is perfect.

  22. Could you run vr for sim racing games on this thing?

  23. These guys need to stop lying with these form factors and integrate the power converter brick into the chasis. No one wants that chunk hanging off the power cord

  24. I need to replace intel nuc skull canyon for Plex client video playback is a must at 1080P 103 inch screen

  25. Been looking for a gaming PC that’s built like a console. Not a fan of bulky towers with a bunch of lighting, and really not into building PCs anyways.

    Now if Microsoft could make a gaming OS….

  26. Can it play ats weed shop an farm sim im looking for one

  27. just a question as i watch all your vids, unfort costs me a lot as i end up wanting the things you review, do you ever do giveaways of any of them ? i say this as i would LOVE one of these bad boys. i need time to sit and make an emulation pc, its just one thing i am short on. anywho keep up the amazing work man

  28. What would be your MiniForum PC recommendation to connect 4 Monitors for a Stock Trading setup?
    As many as 25 Chrome Windows with live NASDAQ data has to be open when trading.

  29. Great review as always. I would love to see what kind of FPS some of these smaller machines get with lower settings like low-medium, as someone who wants higher fps and care less about textures/AA. Like could I do 4k 120 in fortnite/destiny 2 with the settings turned down? or is the CPU just not powerful enough for higher FPS

  30. Any idea why i'm running cyberpunk at the same settings and getting 53-70 fps, mostly below 60 most of the time??

    Are you sure you're not using Performance mode for DLSS?

  31. Would love to see how these shape up a couple years from now. I'm sure they'll last for quite some time.

  32. Any idea what framerate this could get in frontier 1080p low?

  33. Would you rather have this or the HX99G?

  34. Based on the interior space they could have shrunk this by 40%.

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