THE SCARIEST MINIGAME.. | Gorilla Tag Statues -

THE SCARIEST MINIGAME.. | Gorilla Tag Statues

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In this video I play a game with my fans where you can only move when the lava monkey is not present.
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  1. Statues reminds me of the wolf game, it’s in my music class. So there’s music, and then when it stops, new music starts. The wolf or kid chosen with look at other kids, and if those kids move, they get “eaten”. The wolf mostly just tags everyone even when they don’t move though, do it’s a bad game.


  3. I grew up with this game being called something like
    Zoo at the night.
    Or something like it.
    The people moving were the animals (if you wanted to the animals can have special ability)
    And the person who makes them stop moving was the nightgaurd

  4. The first time i watched this i laughed so hard i almost died

  5. I have watched this 400 times but yet I still laughed every time 😂

  6. The best statement ever I’m better than are you

  7. Dude, you just reminded me of that game we used to play in childcare. Statues. I completely forgot it existed because I think we played it only once or twice. It was so fun, thanks for the memories, man!

  8. Nice video bro can we play some statues some time?

  9. bro what editing soft ware do you use? this is such smooth gameplay, or is it epik PC?

  10. I was playing gorilla tag with some ppl and I’m not sure if the REAL statue bot was there in the private server but they started teleporting but maybe they were modding but they became nice and wanted to make End/mirror monke join or Pbbv

  11. i cant play in these games cuz da dissy invite not so valid ;-;.. but it's still a good video!

  12. 2:01 PBBV reference………………………………………………………. call 911

  13. I love this game I played this at school and my teacher got on the front desk in her room kids would be on the desk and stuff

  14. All fun and games till endishere joins

  15. I have an idea a game called The Real Statue where you join the statue ghost code and the least to escape statue or the one who gets caught loses

  16. this is o e of my favorite minigames tbh

  17. I was trolling people playing statues by not following it right and everyone wouldn’t let me get tagged so I just had to run after the lava monkeys😊

  18. you can also use your joy stick to turn, im not sure if it counts if you turn your head,

  19. the only thing that made me laugh in this video is you did the gangman style and the pbbv

  20. You have some good luck with your body

  21. If you guys wanna play this again, download trash runners we can play statue and no running in the halls in Forest

  22. I swear, this is actually statue, people misinterpret statue as the mirror guy but their wrong, look up on the gtag ghosts wiki, endishere is the one who stand in mirror

  23. Laugh really hard 😆 really hard 😆 laughing really hard laughing

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