The Ultimate AliExpress Mini Gaming PC! This Is Awesome -

The Ultimate AliExpress Mini Gaming PC! This Is Awesome

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In this video we take a look at the awesome Mini Gaming PC I bought from Aliexpress!
Powered by up to an i9 CPU and backed by a Dedicated MSI GTX 1650 graphics card this makes a really amazing little gaming PC!

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03:33-Windows 10 Performance
05:42-Injustice 2
06:08-Forza Horizon 4
06:32-COD Warzone
07:05-Witcher 3
07:30-Doom Eternal
08:52-Cyberpunk 2077
09:32-Red Dead 2
09:45-CPU Temps
10:01-Power consumption
10:25-Final Thoughts

Equipment I Use:
Screen Capture Device:
Tool Kit:
Soldering Station:
Raspberry Pi 4:
Flirc Case:

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  1. В Английском не силён но понял что с таким охлаждением долго не поиграешь , думаю для не очень требовательных офисных задач сгодится.

  2. Hi guys! Is there any way to have a battery for these small factor pcs??

  3. Please test Soccer games like : Pro évolution soccer 2021 , it's gonna be awsome

  4. some info is wrong the drive is m2 but not nvme its just an m2 card and 1650 has gddr6 not gddr5

  5. Any ETA prime videos have an ads on youtube promoting ETA prime video

  6. I wonder. Can the CPU be upgraded manually too?

    I'm thinking of getting the i5 option and upgrade the processor myself that has hyperthreading and an iGPU in case the video card breaks.

  7. This is goos because future can upgrade vga

  8. Does this have TPM 2 hardware needed to run Windows 11?

  9. wouw the gpu is boosting to 2050mhz in gta5 👍🏻

  10. Could you strip out the 2tb drive of the Super Console PC Box and put it in this for the ultimate emulation PC?

  11. Order arrived today … no manual including 🙁 so lets try to get things done

  12. Hi how does it run GTA Online? Do you know how much FPS? Ty

  13. Hi what settings you used for gta v? PLEASE Answer, or make a video and how does it run GTA ONLINE? How many FPS?

  14. Just got mine with the I7 9400. This thing rules. Temps are not too hot at 73f in GTA V on high. What a damn computer dude!

  15. Dear friend, it's possible pubg mobile working

  16. Any chance you can also test rigs like this for basic VR ?

  17. Hey so.. my expertise with computer hardware realistically ended during the Athlon64 days… I'm just now getting into YouTube, and my current laptop which is an HP Elitebook 8460p, dual core, yes sad I know, takes 3 hours to encode 1 hour of video..

    I'm trying to stay around $200 to $250 max for either a used laptop or a mini pc for my video editing, to cut my time down.. because life is expensive and I don't have much extra money and I spent all of that on the camera and needed stuff..

    I found a mini pc with a 3.5 ghz AMD A10 pro-8770e r7 with 8gb ddr4. Would this be okay for video editing? Or do I need something a lot better..

    And what could you or anyone else reading this recommend.. and I need a low power consumption device…

    Thank you and anyone reading this for your time.

  18. could you upgrade the GPU without upgrading anything else?

  19. The fact that you can game so well while running under 200 watts is quite impressive!

    I also did not expect that the temps would be under 82 degrees Celsius with such a small factor.

  20. What SSD did you use? Wondering if a WD black sn850 would increase performance/fps, esp. for Cyber Punk… thoughts?

  21. After updating windows. Bluetooth isn’t working. Can’t find drivers. .. what can I do?

  22. I can't believe how low the temps are staying on both the CPU & GPU. Damn near maxed floating at like 70. For a regular case that's pretty damn good, for a small form factor like this that's amazing.

    Still seems to underperform other 1650's though in 3D mark. Not sure why. Perhaps lower clock out of the box? Something different about that lower profile I reckon.

  23. I have one with a 16 core xeon and 64gb ram i use it for casual games and running some virual machines

    Stays cool as

    And runs 5 vms at a time

    And plays pubg/csgo at good frame rates for a little fun

    I have even had 2 vms running and played csgo at same time loves it

  24. Bought one after seeying this video and its amazing except for the fan noise! its unbearable you cannot watch a movie with this computer as the noise of the fans is so loud but performance wise its amazing, looking to replace cpu fan or simply move internals to a bigger case to have decent fans to cool it.

  25. Can u upgrade the video card? or the processor? ineould like to upgrade it to rtx 2020 and intel i9 🤪

  26. Hi, I was wondering if you a comparison video of this mini pc against the toptop mini gaming pc? They both have the gtx1650. Makes me wonder which one is better for a daily use with moderate gaming from time to time. Thank you!

  27. Is this pc powerful enough for youtube gaming (both playing and recording gameplay video at the same time) ?

  28. Is it possible to get a mini pc with a RTX 2000 series for $1000?

  29. I’m between this and a Mac Mini. I’ve been wondering whether to buy this or try Mac OS. What’s the noise like in terms of the fans? For me I’d use it for gaming here and there and mostly coding/browsing, would this be good as a daily driver?

  30. Would you be able to swap out the gpu later? Just now getting into pc nd still learning. Want to invest in a mini pc for starters for games/school work. Need a small unit. Been looking at the svmiy and the morefine s500+ the most. However this one is looking more ideally

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