The World’s Smallest Game Boy -

The World’s Smallest Game Boy

Kyle Krueger
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  1. ( oh my gosh how is this even possible ? That's crazy it's just over an inch long it's so small ) that's what she said 😂

  2. unstl Minecraft !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤

  3. You can pick up this smaller gameboy into school because this gameboy are keychain

  4. Do cod,Fortnite, and Doom must be played 👹👹👹

  5. Worlds worst toy ever, some people will buy anything.

  6. Why are people saying they bet it has a great personality? Sounds like this is a paid promotion for a little piece of crap

  7. That’s a pretty average size game boy to me if anything it’s too big

  8. Hmmmm let me think put gta 6 on it because you have a lot of amazing things like a dinosaur bone so i figured you will also have gta 6 that's crazy

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