These Mini-Games SUCK! -

These Mini-Games SUCK!

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Driven To Distraction (Via Hell).

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  1. Can the speech wheel really even be considered a "mini game"

  2. Sorry, no Mario Party entries are on this list.

  3. You missed… Basically every minigame in Okami. But to bring two of them into focus, the digging minigame and the Blockhead demons. The digging minigame is just infuriating and the Blockheads require you to use your brush to hit very specific locations to destroy them, but you have to memorize the locations and then hit them, and if you're even a few pixels off, you fail and have to try again.

  4. BOF3 mini-games ftw lol the damn fire chrysm mini game in the light house absolutely butchers me

  5. the worst mini game, for me at least, was every damn fishing mini game. from Lego Island and Sonic Adventures DX directors cut where you play as Big to fish out your frog in the very beginning….

  6. Good video and what culture gaming is a good channel

  7. I can't believe he used a clip from Bust-a-groove! That takes me back

  8. Call me crazy, but I kind of like the Dancing Goron minigame in Oracle of Ages. You just need a basic sense of rhythm and memorization. I've beaten Platinum difficulty without much trouble a couple times. Also, I don't think you have to beat Platinum difficulty in order to get the necessary items. I haven't played it in awhile, but if I remember correctly, you just had to beat it on whatever difficulty the Dancing Goron decides, and it's easier than Platinum.

  9. I loved blitzball in the original ffx. The recruiting mechanic made it really fun and everytime i meant someone my first instinct was to see if they were a player. Then i would spend hours playing. Now the ffx2 version was terrible.

  10. That F-ING fishing game in Nier Gestalt! I HATED that one, SO MUCH! And you have to do it so you can catch a special fish for wtf-ever! You should have heard the swears that were coming out of my mouth over that one!

  11. Random speech menu whirling makes Speechcraft obsolete. Lol.

  12. Where the hell is the fucking Tiger Tiger game from Xenoblade Chronicles 2? It was the worst thing about the game. I spent a fucking hour doing it just work on Poppi's goddamn affinity chart

  13. Dragon rush in the dbz budokai series. Legit rock paper scissors in the middle of a fighting game

  14. Didn't know Blitzball was in FFX2, still doesn't seem as bad as FF9s Chocobo hot and cold.

  15. I…actually enjoyed oblivions persuade wheel

  16. I love seeing Jules back in the studio but is it just me that wishes Jules was sitting in the middle of the couch so the camera is centred? No? Just me? 🤣

  17. Well that Zelda mini game brought back memories. I'll stop twitching soon right?

  18. I’m feeling this new background 👌🏿.

  19. The well minigame is nothing compared to the depth of fishing and townbuilding and everything that came with it in BoF 3. Truly awesome game

  20. Why do people say like wiping my ass with sand paper like its bad. It works very well.

  21. Fallout unlocking terminals mini game is the worst. Especially if your bad at spelling I just look for the words with the most vowels 😂

  22. The astroid blasting minigame in the first Dead Space game was beyond frustrating.

  23. As I am currently playing through ES:O, I agree with the Persuade one, but I f'n HATE the lockpick system… such a pain in the ass!

  24. I liked FFX's blitzball! If you actually want to have fun with the game don't do the Jecht shot or don't earn it and just play the mini game a few seasons long and you'll have fun with it!

  25. "Don't make me stab animals for kicks…. again" are you OK Jules?? lmao!!

  26. Holy Hand Grenade…Never a bad time for a Month Python reference

  27. Jules mentions FF
    Jules: Blitz ball

    This channel is more dead than an asthmatic at a Travis Scott show

  28. Dodging the lightning in Final Fantasy 10 was awful

  29. I am surprised Mario Party was not even slightly mentioned. There are just so many unfair ones…

  30. Do the RC missions in GTA San Andreas count?

  31. We really need a remaster of Breath of Fire 3. It's one of my favorite rpgs(say it with me kids) of all time. But yeah that well mini game sucks.

  32. I hate the mini-games in final fantasy 9. Jump rope and the Runnings are the worst

  33. I haven't gotten that far in Oracle of ages, but I remember the mini game being annoying in Oracle of seasons

  34. …You haven't played the Beaver Bother mini games in Donkey Kong 64, have you.

  35. I literally screamed "OH NO!" when jules said it's like gluing razor blades on your eyelids and then having a rapid blinking contest.

  36. Should do great mini games, like the forklift in Shenmue or Boxing in Lost Judgement.

  37. I’ll take your Blitzball and raise you a Tetra Master. My got. The amount of bullshit RNG is atrocious, and what makes it even more egregious is that fact at one point in FFIX, it’s mandatory to progress. Absolute stinker, and this is coming from someone who’s favourite title in the franchise is IX. But TT is abysmal imo.

  38. I got that same crash bandicoot controller holder that's sitting behind jules

  39. Monster Riding in Monster Hunter 4 and Monster Hunter Generations. Would you JUST stick to one system already? Monster Hunter 4, don't attack the monster while your mate is on there or you'll throw them off. Monster Hunter Generations, DO attack the monster or the monster might throw them off. And of course, there's the hated "Je Suis Monté!" because, if I recall correctly, the French version of Monster Hunter 4 FORGOT TO MENTION that you'll need to hold R to not get thrown off when the monster is struggling, so we have loads of otherwise fantastic French players absolutely botching the riding minigame.

  40. Completely agree with what you said about blitzball in ff x-2. I liked it in the original because you could control your players and it became easier as they levelled up. In x-2 even if you spend hours and hours grinding to level your players up you still won't be able to beat the Al Bed Psyches most of the time because it's completely random.

  41. God I rewatch the Final Pam videos so often it took so long to register its presence in this video was out of the ordinary

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