This Mini Gaming PC Is INSANE! GTX 1650 Inside! -

This Mini Gaming PC Is INSANE! GTX 1650 Inside!

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In this video, we take a look at the most powerful Mini Gaming PC I’ve ever tested!
This thing is powered by an i7 9750H and has a GTX 1650 GPU!
They also offer this same mini gaming PC with an i9 but I opted for the i7 version and this thing is amazing for the price and size!
We run some benchmarks and test out 10 PC games like Genshin Impact, COD warzone, GTA5, Forza Horizon 5, Fortnite, and more!
I picked this mini Gaming PC up from Aliexpress and in my opinion, it was totally worth it!

Search for Aliexpress coupons to bring the price down.

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Also available on eBay at a higher price:

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03:42-Bios Settings
04:02-TPD Setting In Windows
06:02-Genshin Impact
06:27-Forza Horizon 4
06:52-Street Fighter 5
08:02-Doom Eternal
08:33-Dirt 5
09:24-COD Warzone
09:53-Cyberpunk 2077

Equipment I Use:
Screen Capture Device:
Tool Kit:
Soldering Station:
Raspberry Pi 4:
Flirc Case:

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  1. They should've made it 3 inches wider and longer to just fit a bigger heat sink jn

  2. You can't call a i7 core cpu, insane in this day and age.

  3. I really love the conveniences of these mini PC’s. My current tower PC built back in 2014 has gotten me this far but it’s time to upgrade. Any reconditions on a mini PC for streaming, video editing, and photo editing? I need something that’s quick, snappy, and is going to last me another 8-10 years. I also need something with a lot of USB ports. Thanks

  4. Wtf it's better than my gtx 1650 desktop lmao

  5. I think u got that right, its a laptpp without a monitor

  6. I get the same pc with I9 configuration, it works perfect in PC games but with retroarch even PS1 work slow , any suggestions?

  7. Is this pc still available today, I looked on Amazon but didnt see this model listed. Know where I can purchase it today?

  8. can any one tell me what kind of gaming pc it is.

  9. Do you know if the GPU is connected directly to the Display Port, and if this supports G-Synn?

  10. I have ordered this model but the fan is running at full speed on idle. Any help?

  11. Anyone managed to get lower temperatures by modifying the cooling material?

  12. Спасибо 😁. Что снял обзор уже всё облазил на русском Ютубе не нашёл про него а ты всё показал. Спасибо 😁

  13. Nice video dude, is it possible to undervolt the i7? maybe you can get better temps

  14. What’s the total wattage on this thing under while gaming? Electricity prices in the U.K. are going through the roof an my kids have PCs so wanna consider smaller gaming rigs with lower wattage.

  15. i would love to have a mini pc like only if i can afford one. To fix the high cpu temps i think undervolting using throttle stop would help.

  16. Could you go back to older PCs etc and test newer emulators as they may be more cost effective for people on a smaller budget specially if they don't mind lower resolutions

  17. At the price they still asking one recently, I say its better to pay a bit more get a Gaming Laptop with better CPU and RTX 3060.
    Unless you value portability above all else.
    It would have been my go to choice for Mini PC if it wasn't for them vendors asking $1,300+ for it when there's a thing like HX90G coming out.

  18. They look great! But I wonder about durability.

    I want to buy a used one, but am afraid of it dying prematurely and then I'm left off with an expensive brick.

    Anybody have experience with it?

  19. I am also impressed….but i would just consider it for now

  20. Yes i need it to render intensive worksheets on excel dad

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