This Ryzen 7 Mini PC Is Now A Fire Breathing Gaming Beast! Small Foot Print Big Power! -

This Ryzen 7 Mini PC Is Now A Fire Breathing Gaming Beast! Small Foot Print Big Power!

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So Yeah this little Ryzen 7 powered MIni PC needed a small graphics card upgrade so I added a Radeon RX 6900XT! The SER4 Is powered by an AMD Ryzen 4800U and backed by 32GB of ram the built in iGPU is okay but with this RDNA2 based 6900XT running over an M.2 slot this tiny machine can now run AAA games at 4K! the main question is what and all I can say is because we can.

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01:00-The Build
04:22-Booting it Up Spec Overview
06:37-Halo Infinite 4K
07:08-Forza Horizon 5 4K
07:43-SF5 4K Maxed Out
08:07-God Of War PC Test
08:47-GTA5 Test
09:23-Elden Ring 4K Ultra
09:52-PS3 EMulation RPCS3 4K
10:22-Final Thoughts

Equipment I Use:
Screen Capture Device:
Tool Kit:
Soldering Station:
Raspberry Pi 4:
Flirc Case:

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  1. Awesome video. Put both of these in a single standard pc case and have a SLEEPER pc like no other 🙂

  2. Will this work on Beelink amd ryzen 7 3750h SER 3 ?

  3. So basically were sacrificing the SSD to mount the externel GPU? Am I correct?

  4. Can I use a usb to m.2 adaptor? Will it work or does it need to be one one the board?

  5. Incredible setup! Wondering what size the standoffs are, anyone has a suggestion where to get them?

  6. Is there any changes required to be made in the BIOS for this to work?

  7. Hi! Sorry, noob question…. Can I do this with my SER5 PRO too?

  8. Guten Tag ich habe ihr Video gesehen können sie den link zum Dell power supply senden finde das nicht bei Amazon

  9. Running beelink gtr6 with egpu 6800xt. Still only 55fps on warzone and cad/cam fusion 360 still lagging. Any bios settings or tweaks to get this better? Using adrenaline at the moment

  10. Is it possible to add a double adapter so u got 2 m.2 slots so we can keep the ssd ?

  11. Will these work good on a laser engraver co2?..

  12. 2023 now, I need part numbers. I'd like to do a newer version of what you have, but when it comes to part numbers I NEED THEM. Why? I'm an older guy who hasn't built a PC for over 15 years.

  13. Isnt this a good odd ball build ,a good one and done deal little sleeper build for ppl who don't know anything about pc building with a really low budget . using a AMD 6600 xt gpu.

    Building this to do anything at under 1080p little sleeper.

  14. Hello, do you have the specs of the screw gap plastics you used? I would like to buy them

  15. How does it do with steam games like dayz?

  16. Can someone tell me what type of m.2 to pcie adapter he's using? Id appreciate it I want to do something similar.

  17. So I know is a long shot, but I tried with a 4th Gen Beelink AMD Ryzen 7 4700u, same EGPU mount, fully modular 850 watts PSu and a 3080Ti and the device’s lights blink green, then go off, cannot seem to make it work. Any suggestions?

    The egpu mount is connected to the NVME slot and the computer boots up with no issues.

  18. you can mod this mini PC build.
    for a custom laptop ~

  19. I recently got the new beelink Ryzen9 7940hs it has 2-m.2 drive slots. If i wanted to run this setup you have, would i need to remove the current m.2 drive that runs the minipc? Or could it recognize the gpu with it installed on the 2nd m.2 slot?

  20. would you reccommend a setup like this?
    my kinda idea would be to get something like this, to go work abroad, so i don't have to haul my pc with me

  21. fantastic demo, contemplating between a prebuilt dell pc or a mini pc. You didnt put the link to the egpu adt link thingy in the description though.

  22. On the Gpu hdmi is that connected on the monitor?

  23. so, which i need to buy for an Egpu ? M.2 NVME or ThunderBolt 3/4 or USB4.0 40GB/s ? which connectivity give the nearest to Dextop performance ?

  24. yo what is that adapter called there is no link i need to know how you do this like asap

  25. Thanks, this s very interesting. I am looking at something small to put on my deck for gaming twice a week, this can be some solution to this. Ia there any other option with a small footprint?

  26. I think, it might be, some people are interested in AI performance and in Einstein@Home performance for GPU workloads… Gaming is more a niche option for many people.

  27. theres gotta be some case out there thats purpose built for this specific function

  28. Go play some halo so we can survive this winter.

  29. No disrespect to you ETA Prime but I think that’s overkill. Don’t get me wrong it’s awesome that you can hook up a GPU of that caliber to a mini pc but that’s if you have a GPU like that laying around and if you like tinkering. I would not go out and buy a GPU to play AAA games on a mini pc. It defeats the purpose of getting a mini pc in the first place. I think mini pc’s are the ultimate emulation machines because they can pretty much run all consoles without issues up to Wii U and PS2 and maybe some PS3 games and XBOX. They are low power consumption machines which make them perfect for those long hours of retro gaming. If I’m gonna go spend anywhere from $450 to $600 on a GPU, I might as well bite the bullet and get me a gaming rig. It’s just my opinion. Like I said no disrespect meant towards the king of Retro Gaming reviews.

  30. Im not giving any more money to beelink. F them.

  31. thank you for doing all the dumb stuff I wanna do but can't afford to do

  32. 𝓙𝓩'ₛ ℂℍ𝔸ℕℕ𝔼𝕃 says:

    Do I have to remove the SSD to adjust the adapter of the GPU?

  33. Xbox eat your heart out. Microsoft better buy Steam and close xbox.

  34. LOL FAIL how you install this crap into the back of a TV???

  35. Basically if I buy a gpu I get a free pc

  36. Could this work with the SER 5 Pro? Not with such an extreme GPU but maybe a lesser model?

  37. I happened to notice a good amount of screen tearing, How come?

  38. If you don’t want dust find a ATX Case and put the mini pc inside it with plenty fans!!!!

  39. This makes more sense for a GPD WinMax 2, tiny ultraportable laptop then desktop power at home

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