This Super Tiny PC Has Has A GTX 1050Ti, Can It Game In 2023? -

This Super Tiny PC Has Has A GTX 1050Ti, Can It Game In 2023?

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This was one of the most powerful mini gaming PCs in 2020 but can it game in 2023? The H31G from Minis forum has a dedicated Nvidia GTX 1050Ti Graphics card and up to a 9th gen i7 CPU. We’ve added 32GB of ram and upgraded the original i5 9400f to an i5 9600K and in this video we see how it handled AAA PC games in 2023 like Spiderman miles morales, Cyberpunk 2077 and many more plus can it run Nintendo Switch Games? Xbox 360 or even emulate PS3 games using RPCS3? lets find out.

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00:00 Introduction
00:24 Overview
01:32 Upgrades
02:52 Specs and Windows performance
03:29 Benchmarks
04:03 Skyrim SE
04:26 Street Fighter 5
04:54 Doom Eternal
05:14 Injustice 2
05:33 GTA5
05:57 The Witcher 3
06:27 God Of War
06:56 Cyberpunk 2077
07:20 COD Modern Warfare 2
07:53 Xbox 360 Emulation Test
08:35 PS3 Emulation RPCS3
09:14 Yuzu Switch Emulation

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  1. This was the PC I wanted until they released the HX90G. Which is what I ended up getting. It’s still impressive for a mini pc.

  2. You and doug, you guys don't sleep or eat to produce videos I guess?

  3. still sellling this barebone for just under 1k. Joke

  4. The age of this mini pc doesn't reflect the price $929 wow I think this is one of minisforum most expensive mini pc

  5. i9 9900 without k would be a much better choice to upgrade.

  6. You switched the cpu and the ram from this mini pc… so basically is not the same machine anymore. The title of your video is no sense.

  7. Hey man I was playing Scarface on the world is yours aetherx2 it crashes whenever I start a cutscene pls tell me what to do

  8. Trying to help Minisforum sell their surplus inventory?

  9. why dose your voice sound more clear ? i don't like it lol.

  10. Suggestion : kindly do an all AliExpress build using preferably the integrated motherboard from Erying with either an i7 or i9 11900H + those repurposed 6600M chips on desktop form factor add-in cards.

  11. Thank you very much for including emulation 🤗🤗🤗

  12. A lot to unpack here.

    First, $930 for a 9th gen i7 and 1050ti is a horrendously, insultingly bad value proposition even in a full 100% upgradable desktop, let alone mini PC. Which is probably why there's no purchase link, I assume ETA doesn't want to blatantly rip off his viewers.

    OTOH, this Mini PC uses a lga 1151 socket and the cpu is upgradable – not often seen in this form factor. Although modern mini stx boards are pretty scarce and your only option is Asrock.

    So yeah, horrendously bad value but interesting for what it is.

  13. Os there a top 10 list of mini pcs, tablets whatever coming soon

  14. what do you do with all the different mini pcs you review do you sell them?

  15. I have one and the DisplayPort is not activated, at least with cpus without integrated graphics. Its a good mini pc, but having to resort to displaylink to work in a 2 screen setup is a bit out of place.

  16. Day #2

    Asking ETA PRIME to gift me a powerful device to do mobile/tablet/ipad gaming on 🥺❤️

  17. why you always put "Most Powerfull" or "Best" on all you review?

  18. could it be upgraded to i7 with 8 cores 16 threads at 4 ghz turbo? ddr 4 3000 or 3200? and how about 2 tb nvme 4.0 x4? and 2.5 inch sata ssd?

  19. Can someone please tell me the name of the track ETA has playing during the Yuzu emulator please? Thank you

  20. You convinced me to get this 2 years ago, i used it for a few months then gave it my daughter – while I went to a SurfacePro for work. She's still happy with it, does everything she needs including gaming.

  21. this is the only channel i see where the reviewer gets disappointed by any game that runs under 60 frames….to me, a game that dips below 20 frames is not playable, and anything above that is more than fine. i'm old school and i come from a time where games slowed down to 15 frames at various stages cause there were too many sprites on screen…and we welcomed it cause it made getting through hectic levels a lot easier.😄

  22. The future of desktop at least that's how I see it… I wouldn't mind having this… Period…

  23. As usual no link to the product, but links to everything else…

  24. Wow Skyrim SE has really added a lot of content recently.

  25. I bought this when it was first reviewed here and mobo temp has always been crazy high, like 110°-120° celsius in idle, while CPU 48° spiking to 84° for any app or game I launch. So definitely NOT cool & chill. Support checked remotely and said "mobo is a bit warm, check the fans". Fans are fine and clean, it's just bad quality check.

  26. So he’s getting TRIPLE DIGIT FRAMERATES in GTAV yet for some reason uses “normal” settings instead of all maxed out??? Tf?

    And then “oh the Witcher 3 has to be set at a lower resolution otherwise I’m ONLY getting 60 frames a second…”

    Oh boo hoo… “only” around 60 frames in a single second? How horrible, how will someone ever survive only getting 60FPS (which is usually the maximum frames per second most televisions can display since most aren’t 120 or higher rn) Super Mario 64 ran at twenty-something frames a second on average and that was funner than most games on here.

    As soon as the world standardizes 4K60, then we’re going to try to push everything to 8K and start complaining “oh I’m ONLY getting 60 fps at 8K”

    It’s never going to end because people can’t let themselves be happy. Once you hit the neighborhood of 60 frames and the native resolution of your television screen and/or monitor… JUST STOP WHINING AND ENJOY THE GAME!


  27. I’d love to see Hogwarts Legacy in these benchmarks haha

  28. Would be fun to see how it compares with the upcoming AMD 7040 or the 7045HX.

  29. i wonder how much better it would be running under window 10.

  30. 6:30 – Damn – Skyrim SE looks a LOT like God of War … what mods were you running?

  31. I’d like to see an update to that GameCube PC you made a few years back

  32. that 1050 ti isn't mxm it's proprietary form

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