Top 10 BEST Mario Party Mini-Games! - PBG -

Top 10 BEST Mario Party Mini-Games! – PBG

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Top 10 BEST Mario Party Mini-Games!
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To celebrate Mario Party The Top 100 for the Nintendo 3DS, PeanutButterGamer goes over his Top 10 BEST Mario Party Mini-Games for the second Mario Month video!

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  1. I've never seen day of the races in any list of the worst minigames. rabit=dluigi and flamesonfire1212 never included it in their lists, and the former even said the luck based minigames are better than,say, the joystick spinning bullshit from the first game. (safety tip: play the first game on an emulator with a USB dual shock replica to avoid bleeding when the joystick spinning games show up.)

  2. just to clarify on the whole face lift was inspired by mario64 roomer, Nobody even said that that I'm aware of. most people who bring that up are simply using it for comparison.

  3. MARO:it’s a party you:it’s a party…

  4. I actually made the Peebs amiibo for my cousin for Christmas using a Toad amiibo.

  5. Joke on Yooooooooooooou I pirated this video

  6. i remember there is this pinball game on mario party 5 or 6? oh man its so fun lol i feel like people forget about it

  7. There is no reason for me to love this mini game so much, but the soda shaker from Mario Party 8 will always remain as one of my favorites

  8. 12:29 I thought you were going to say well I SAY HEY WHAT A WONDERFUL KIND OF DAY

  9. dungeon duos is always gonna be my favourite mini game in fact everyone can agree mp4 has the best mini games by far

  10. I remember playing Mario party 2, DS, 9 way before I bought 10, 8, Island tour, Top 100, Super Star.

  11. 3:52
    I snort only the most vintage underrated kids film jokes. I’m doing lines of The Secret of NIMH tonight, and I have a bag of Anastasia for a rainy day. Careful taking Titan AE, that stuff is laced with Matt Damon.

  12. My friends and I nearly broke our thumbs playing Domination from mario party 4.

  13. Bumper bubbles looks like an excruciating game that will just make you stressed out and rage.

  14. Wow i just used my three link amiibo and IT worked!!!

  15. This was a really disappointing list tbh; how could you forget Treadmill Grill, Snowball Summit, All Fired Up, Running of the Bulb and more?


  17. am I the only one who completely lost it laughing at the intro with the party kotor reference?? XD

  18. Who else thought at first there really was a peebs amibo …. Yeah im dumb! So what!


  20. At 3:53,

    “Alright! A game about books?!
    It’s just like “The Pagemaster!”

    And at 3:57,

    (Whatever You Imagine plays)

    I would kill to see a full cover of the
    “Whatever You Imagine” Song!

  21. I Honestly Didn’t Think The Cars Weren’t That Bad Although I May Be Biased Because Mario Party 10 Was My First Mario Party.

  22. He sounds so hopeful for Top 100. Poor, naïve PBG…

  23. 10: Day at the Race
    9: Bobsled Run
    8: Bumper Bubbles
    7: Booksquirm
    6: Fish Upon a Star
    5: Movin' Mushroom
    4: Stamp Out!
    3: Lift Leapers
    2: Face Lift
    1: Aces High

  24. Could you do a best and worst list of the Jackbox Party Pack series?

  25. Would have really like to see some Mario party 7 games on this list… games like “pogo-a-gogo” “pokey pummel” and “funstacle course.”
    I remember when I was a little kid, me and my best friend just found something about funstacle course to be incredibly entertaining and histerically fun, and we literally spent an entire evening playing it over and over and over. Like, at least a good five or six hours just on that one mini game that night. One of the best memories of my childhood by far.

  26. Finally, it may not be an amibo, but he has a collectable figurine I can't finally use to see the rest of the video

  27. my favorites where often the beanstock one and the one where ou have to double pound to the bottom of the ground to reach water


    y u hate?

  29. I’m not trying to hate on pbg(if it seems so I’m sorry.) but not only do I LIKE Mario part 10, I hate the mushroom tilt thingy mini game(I forgot the name sorry)

  30. Great video!
    I was hoping to see one minigame from DS, though. That one has pretty awesome minigames

  31. Stamp Out is basically a prototype Splatoon.

  32. i wish i could give you 800000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 likes

  33. I would have put Running of the Bulb from the first Mario party. I always liked that one. Probably because my sister and I got to punch Boos in the face.

  34. He just drawing on a toad amiibo for the so-called peeb amiibo

  35. 6:45 amazing I love it bowser party is great and so what if in the same kart Mario party 10 is awesome

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