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Top 10 Best Super Mario Party Minigames
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Top 10 Best Super Mario Party Minigames
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The 2018 Mario Party game is there, and it has a lot of games? How many mini games are there in the new Super Mario Party? 80! Some are great, some are terrible, so here are our picks for the best minigames in Super Mario Party.

List Entries and Rank:
10) “Bumper Brawl”
9) “Candy Shakedown”
8) “What a Racket”
7) “Air to a Fortune”
6) “Nut Cases”
5) “Sign, Steal, Deliver”
4) “Soak or Croak”
3, 2 & 1: ???

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  1. Bumperballs from Mario Party 1 is still the best.

    It was even so good its the only minigame that came back in a sequel.

  2. The game is really fun and I love the mini games. But i really wish they did have more fighting/physical mini games against your opponents.

  3. There ain’t no pary like a super Mario pary

  4. Huh.. it would be really nice to try out these other cooler games, I seem to always get Sizzling Steaks smh

  5. I like the one in Toad's rec room where you have to build Pixel puzzles of nintendo Characters also they should add Link and Pikachu to the party

  6. Does anyone else feel like Soak or Croak reminds you of Blown Away from Mario Party 5?

  7. My Favorite Minigame In Super Mario Party Is Bopping Spree.
    I'm Glad You Put Slaparazzi On Number 1.

  8. Nathaniel's one is way better. Anyone else agrees with me?

  9. You can just see how hard they tried to stretch this to 10 minutes lmao

  10. What about Mario Party 4 Danger Dungeon I think that's what it's called

  11. I guess I’ll just be the one to say it then, this guy sucks ..

  12. I think the cube cooking one is way better than candy shakedown

  13. Number 4 should have been called Splashtoon.


  15. Lol even though I LOVE slaparazzi, I’m surprised Sizzling Steaks wasn’t on the list. That one is so much fun!

  16. 8:06 That Goomba looks like he's dressing as George Washington!

  17. This was so Much better than Mario Party 9 and 10!


  19. So Air to a Fortune is just the King Bob-Bomb boss battle from Mario Party 9….

  20. IHE was right.

    This channel is so bland and uninspiring.

  21. 1 vs 3 mini games allow you to cooperate with your friends and gang up on them at the same time

  22. The special shell shockers remake minigame not even an honorable mention, i am disappointed

  23. 7:20.
    Mario: One custard pie? Lemme have it.
    Dry Bone: throws pie in Mario's face

    Classic Tom and Jerry references.

  24. To me, my 10 favorite SMP games of all time is (1 the most & 10 the best)
    1. Time to Shine (Great dance move)
    2. Sphere Monger and Fuzzy Flight School (Love the music)
    3. Just for Kick (Teamwork ⚽️)
    4. Sign Steal & Deliver (I ♥️ Drone)
    5. Net Worth (Love the Teamwork)
    6. Lighting Round (Love the music)
    7. Soak or Croak (Watergun Fight)
    8. Wipe Out (Love the rhythm)
    9. Smash and Crab(Love the music)
    10. Fiddler on the Hoof🐴 (Love the Beat)

  25. What about Baton And On, my favourite of the rhythm mini games

  26. As a young lad I chose Luigi but as I grew up I became a waluigi 😈

  27. This has to be the first time I hear Ashley on a non anime list

  28. Did they forget the best minigame, gridiron gauntlet ?

  29. As much as I love the Minigames in Super Mario Party (minus Pull It Together), they're all just way to easy to win, especially if you're playing against the bots. I've only lost a few Minigames a couple of times every session, and the only Minigames I've consistently lost at were Stake Your Claim and Candy Shakedown.

  30. Slaparzzzi has to be my favourite. One of my favourites of all time !! It’s such a different concept and it’s super interesting for and fun

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