Top 10 - Employee Of The Month Mini-Games -

Top 10 – Employee Of The Month Mini-Games

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Welcome to my top 10 employee of the Month mini-games. These are my favorite one off mini-games based on how fun and memorable they are. Enjoy

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  1. Stampy make more videos in your lovely world

  2. For that no 10 game maybe you shoudove made some holes with slimeblocks and walls so you don't cheat

  3. 10. Custom texture packs
    8.Friends (This could help to build a community)
    7.Morphing (The ability to change animals would be amazing it would be a little op in survival but could make some amazing movies)
    6. Custom Sounds To have (the ability to have what ever sound you want? OF COURSE)
    5. Paint (It would make for awesome Art and builds)
    4. Dinosaurs (This would make some amazing movies With morphing)
    3. MORE birds (The sky in minecraft is a little empty don't you think the only birds we have are chickens and parrots)
    2. Sea creatures (Same with the sky the only creature here is the squid and guardian I MEAN AT LEAST A FISH)
    1. Working boats , cars and planes (Imagine looking around your streets and seeing cars and in the sky plane that would be SO COOL)

  4. When u got Gregory was my 1st ever video I watched

  5. Stampy you probably will not see this but if you do you should play Clash of Clans it's mobile only if you see this plz say yes favourite youtuber

  6. Top 10 smallest buildings and games in Stampy's lovely world

  7. I find the book worm a little scary

  8. Who is watching 2018 or 2019 or 2020??????

  9. Personally behind bars was amazing because it was so intense!

  10. Keep it up! William beaver the bad one keep her away

  11. 1:48 I SAW BEVADASH! :0 not that punk again in the work of hit the target himself! >:( I just want to chop them both down to bits and have them for breakfast (not really that's cannibalism) but still.

  12. Beat the heat is my favorite employee of the month mini game too

  13. how stampy made this video> watchs every video

  14. Top 10 properties of the month they looking good keep up the good you’re going to go onto Raymond for Peyton

  15. Mine was the Bed one where you jump on right bed forgot the name of it

  16. 1.Make Music
    2.Fizz Bang
    3.Book Bounce
    4.Feed At Speed
    5.Ice You
    6.Flying Fish
    7.Clock Time
    8.Behind Bars
    9.Sheep Scramble
    10.Beat The Heat


  18. I’m the first comment in a month I love your vids

  19. The List (SPOILER)
    #10 Make Music
    #9 Fizz Bang
    #8 Book Bounce
    #7 Feed That Speed!
    #6 I See You!
    #5 Flying Fish
    #4 Block High
    #3 Behind Bars
    #2 Sheep Scramble
    #1 Beat the Heat!

  20. I’m to lazy to look through the comments saying “STAMPY VEEVA DASH WAS IN THE GAME!”

  21. Who else is here from 2019 missing Minecraft videos

  22. Early?
    Nope I may be- 3 years late- but I’m ur biggest and longest fan <3

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