Top 10 Toy Mini Brands That You Can Open! #shorts #miniature #toyminibrands -

Top 10 Toy Mini Brands That You Can Open! #shorts #miniature #toyminibrands

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Here are 10 toy Mini Brands that you can open without damaging the package or the mini! #shorts


  1. This is not the garbage avatar live action HIS NAME IS AANG NOT ONG

  2. Did he just say Ungg? Excuse me that’s pronounced AING the a like Ayo not ungg 😂
    Haha I’m just kidding I love that show with my life so my criticism is high when it comes to it 😂

  3. u definitely cant damage an toy by ripping its carboard of

  4. Bro the needough one is actually squishy!❤minibrands r improving but i just like make it mini more

  5. I want many brains if you know how to make a mini is, you should buy one that little food that you make by your self now if you know that you know in the dark, I don’t do crazy cat cat if you don’t know, cat is play baby cries puppy play timewhen you play, you’re probably gonna go cry to your mommy shut your mouth up, so shut your mouth up that you do it

  6. Give one 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  7. I opened my Tamagotchi, and the sticker thing literally came off-

    Edit: it’s a bald Tamagotchi LMAO

  8. Mini brands and mini verse should make a happy meal

  9. They’re not JoJo Siwa headphones anymore he turned emo

  10. Dude it’s not “ONNG” it’s “ANNG”😠😡

  11. Can the Dragonoid pop open? That's what I'm ultimately wondering

  12. Omg my favorite thing that you made

  13. I didn’t even notice that he ripped the packaging tbh

  14. Omg I had tons of Nanos growing up loved those things

  15. It’s really crazy what 5 years does to somebody
    RIP Jojo

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