Top 10 WORST Mario Party Mini-Games! - PBG -

Top 10 WORST Mario Party Mini-Games! – PBG

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Top 10 WORST Mario Party Mini-Games!
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To celebrate Mario Party The Top 100 for the Nintendo 3DS, PeanutButterGamer goes over his Top 10 WORST Mario Party Mini-Games for the second Mario Month video!

Top 10 BEST Mario Party Mini-Games ►►

Mario Party Top 100 (Part 1) ►


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  1. When you are grinding for coins in Pot o Skills in Mario Party 1 and you get screwed by Crane Game

    (If the CPU or Player operating the crane picks you MIGHT AS WELL RESET YOUR GAME!!)

  2. Toad in the Box is a great game, though, cos timing.


  4. In super Mario party* drop shot is the worst mini game
    *super Mario party is the newest installation by the way

  5. 12:15 "Peach got 13 coins, you got NONE! ZERO."

    Lovely music and lyrics.

  6. 2:57 is an underrated masterpiece.

    I play that game all the time.

  7. Let's be honest here, spamming the A button and taking a random guess is the ONLY way to properly play MPIQ

  8. i love mario party 8 what the !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mario party 8 is the only Mario party my family owns. I wouldn't say it's my favorite, but don't care if it's fun or not. I just want to play a single game without it crashing.

  10. c o l e is on an island t o u r

  11. I’m a fan of Mario Party 8, it’s nolstagic since i owned it and had a Wii.

  12. Some how I got to crane game in the mini game island right as he mentioned it in this video

  13. I wonder what peanut butter gamer's reaction is to mario party superstars. I mean it is mario party top 100 but good

  14. Huh. I actually remember piranha’s pursuit being REALLY intense, and almost impossible to win.

  15. You might be getting your wish of a good mario party compilation

  16. Is that Brutalmoose playing with you? Sounds so familiar.

  17. Who wouldn't want a soulless monkey staring at them?

  18. PBG is always good to go to when I'm feeling sad.

  19. I was able to get a perfect run on Toad in a Box. I just counted to know when to hit the block the first three levels, and relied in luck for the last two.

  20. who's watching when said requested game was anounced

  21. I was playing mario party 2 with my brother when the crane game pop up and we were the dolls i was screaming no brother because he got pick up first it was so loud it was like if he was dying in real life

  22. Stop the mario party 7 slander im so tired

  23. Am I the only Mario party 8 fan that has trauma from the flip the chip mini game? 😂

  24. 5:22 you mean when Mario was just on his "Morning Constitutional" (I can't believe that's a thing).

  25. I'd say the only reason I love MP8 as much as I do was because that was my childhood Mario Party game along side DS. If I played it for the first time nowadays, I wouldn't like it as much (though the train and Monopoly boards are amazing).

  26. I like Mario party 8 and I think it’s only because it’s the first Mario party game

  27. Peach has got 13 coins, you got ZERO! NONE!

  28. Mario Party 7 may be the title no one remembers, but at least it's not hated unlike the following entry in the series.

  29. Why the heck isn't mario party 1's shell bowling, the competitor for worst tied with crane game
    Coin shower flower is better than these because you don't loose coins.

  30. Bash n Cash is the absolute WORST one.

  31. I think there's an unintentional socio-economic/political joke that could be made somewhere, with #3.

    I dunno. It kind of seems like there are a few strange similarities here and there, to real life economics.

  32. i was about to write a rude comment for ur opionoin of the beat goes on but u corrected it thankfully.

  33. "Luigi wins by doing SOMETHING."


  34. Thanks for watching, guys! If you enjoy it, help me out and hit the like button maybe? <3

    One more Mario video on the way.~

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