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Top 10 WORST Mario Party Mini-Games
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Top 10 WORST Mario Party Mini-Games
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Everyone loves a good game of Mario Party – but these mini games have destroyed many an N64 controller and blistered many a sweaty palm. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 WORST Mario Party Mini-Games.

#10. Cointageous
#9. Move to the Music
#8. Ion the Prize
#7. Day at the Races
#6. Piranha’s Pursuit
#5. Flip the Chimp
#4. Rudder Madness
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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  1. Dude that is true. Playing to paddle River game I always got blisters. And no matter how hard I tried I could never win the tug of war game, no matter which side I was on

  2. I like how island tour is on the miniature despite not appearing in the video at all.

  3. I have Mario party 8 rudder madness is so easy for me it is ridiculous how ahead I am as soon as the mini game starts I am 10 inches away from the finish line

  4. Fuck Clearing the table from mario party on switch

  5. I broke the joystick for rotating it so much in mario party

  6. Cointagious, Vicious Vending and Mathletes are the three worst coin-based mini games in the entire Mario Party series. Grabbin’ Gold, Winner Or Dinner, Water Ski Spree, Coin Cache, Pyramid Scheme, Parasol Plummet and Whack-A-Plant are way better!

  7. I always lose Flip The Chimp. Just when I’m about to make it the game takes too long to respond to me flipping the Wii Remote so I get hit, descend and lose

  8. 7:07 …and Mecha-Marathon in the Japanese version of Mario Party 2

  9. Rudder madness AND ion the prize but not trace cadets how just how the frickilty frack plus I find all the Mario party 8 mini games to be fun except day at the courts and especially chimp thing a majogger but all the others ones are fun but some consume more time than others

  10. Bruh don't hate on my guy Honeycomb Havoc

  11. Right oar left slow and you can never beat it is the worst fight me

  12. MP1 was even going to be available for purchase in the Wii Shop Channel excepting the joystick problem.

  13. Where is Banana Rollin from Super Mario Party

  14. I hate get the lead out, the bots always beat me in that minigame

  15. i did think a few 1v3 and a certain bowser minigame should have been on the list (*cough* dizzy rotisserie *cough*), and including the final four minigames did make it less surprising, but i can understand most of the choices made.

  16. Day at the races actually is good, I remember all my friends screaming to the screen 😅

  17. The Motion controls for Mario Party 8 SUCKS it’s like something you’ll do all the Time almost all the Minigames are motion controls heck there are even mostly motion controls in the board games
    (This doesn’t mean I Hate this game I like it)
    Now Mario party 9 would fall into this category as well but it’s no where near as much as Mario party 8 plus I like it more yeah I’m not mad about the party car Mario party 9 is A great Mario party title

  18. Y’all are wrong for this. Day at the races is the absolute best minigame and gets me the most hyped! If there were a Mario party where every minigame were Day at the races, that would SLAP!

  19. 6:17
    Peach: Help me!
    Mario: Luigi how could you betray me like that

    All Mario could do was lie down and watch helplessly as Peach get kidnapped by Luigi

  20. Other mini games I don’t like
    -Pull it together, Super Mario party
    -Barreling along, Super Mario Party
    -Launch break, Mario Party 9
    -Don’t wake the wiggles, Super Mario Party

  21. So the beat goes on and ion the prize and honeycomb havoc but NO MARIO PARTY 5 DUELS MINIGAMES

  22. You put like 4 of my favorites in there and one of my favorites in the dishonorable mentions but the No.1 pick yes 100% lol oh the blisters I got as a kid……. (I never had a protective glove)

  23. Personally, I enjoy Rudder Madness but I think that’s just because I nearly always get 1st so at least I’m guaranteed first most of the times. And Ion the Prize definitely grew on me. Flip the Chimp however sucks!

  24. I don;t care what anybody says, I am a master at Flip the Chimp

  25. Before I pressed on this video I was thinking about Cointagious being out here because as a kid I hated that minigame so much (and I still hate it to this day) and when #10 came up I’m just like: “ (deep breath) yes

  26. Thank goodness for motion controls, because now we don’t have to worry about Stuff like those four mini games at Number 1.

  27. Create and peril should at least be in the dishonorable mentions

  28. Flip the Chimp is a perfect example of why motion controls just don't work.

  29. I'm surprised how In The Nick Of Time is not on this list!

  30. I disagree with the choice of Cast Aways among the worst list. It's true that you have to rotate the stick, but it's not a stick rotating competition like Tug o War, Paddle Battle, etc… so rotating with the thumb vs the hand is not very different and you need not work too hard. It's the one mini-game that you can collect as many as 70-80 coins in a single game, which is satisfying.

    Also, it's probable you've never heard of Deck Hands. Or how about Stacked Deck? Those two are easily among the worst, far worse than many on this list.

  31. Where’s trace cadets? I couldn’t win because it’s so hard

  32. Worst ones for me is 2vs2 especially when your partner up with a incompetent AI

  33. Heat stroke from MP5

    The most unfair minigame ever!

  34. Three words… SLOT. CAR. DERBY. (Mario Party 1).

  35. Well, at least Mario Party 5 managed to stay off this list.

  36. How is Slotcar derby Not nummer 1
    Like it's so bad !

  37. „Left or Right?“ from Mario Party 4…

  38. What about Coin Shower Flower?! Literally the most unfair mini game of all time! The person on the flower can get over 40 coins and the players on the leaves only get around 10!

  39. 3:16 this is why I think this channel is scam sometimes. Their videos that are not about games are better…

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