Top 5 Impossible Minigames -

Top 5 Impossible Minigames

Hawkeyes Brawl Stars
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Impossible Minigames | Hawkeyes Brawlstars


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0:00 Intro
0:07 Max INTENSE
2:52 Dynamike INTENSE
4:13 Nani INTENSE
5:20 Darryl INTENSE
7:47 Nani (Bots) INTENSE
9:58 Outro


  1. title: impossible minigame

    me: its not impossible

  2. Hi Hawk, I don't think you will read this, but never shot is always missed. How did you learn to "be so pro" I dunno how but I have 28k trophies, but every single brawler above r23 loses every fight… So thats why the question. At second I wonder how you are so well at making this maps, and clearing them as well, It takes me a lot of time to copy I can't even imagine how much work you put in, Keep up the great work, I'm sure the 100k won't wait long.

  3. Wow who knew Hawk was such a good dyna

  4. Mini-game : Darryl
    Map name : Dyna Jump Intense

  5. Though it may not seem like it, completing these minigames took Hawkeyes a great amount of time (over 10 hours) and effort to make. So make sure to subscribe!!!

  6. Fun fact: Hawkeyes not only good at making minigame maps, he also good at playing it

  7. Road to 100k!
    5 impossible minigames….Hawkeyes makes them possible

  8. By the way, it’s Darryl golf intense, not Dyna jump

  9. What a big brain !! Noice ,keep it up, it's just show your hard work in it .
    Even you finished it …..
    I will make and try it …. 🙂

  10. Bro plzz make world hardest maze without tell this maze real way

  11. 😍😍😍😘😘😺👍👍✌️💙💙💙🔥🔥🗡️

  12. Damnn Dyna minigame feels almost impossible when laggy, how did Hawkeye do it lol

  13. Hawkeyes how are u so good at dyna jump?
    Anyway good video I’ll recommend to my friends

  14. 7:40 it’s not dynajump intense it is Darryl golf intense you made a mistake:)

  15. The minigames are intense but i like the music its so good so plz tell me the music name

  16. Bruh I am Ankit I just played with you one time remember ?

  17. Bro can you tell that in nani golf intense with bots I don't spawn in right location as you spawned can you tell a fix

  18. Hello hawk thats not dyna jump thats darryl roll

  19. Thanks for good mapmaker 💡 I will play with my friends

  20. you could teach how to make the maps in this video because they were very good and I would like to make

  21. bro the dynamike one i saw it on crying mans video the dyna map

  22. Wow Another Banger Time To Make Some Of These Maps And Challange My Friends To Doing It 🙂

  23. Bruh i got ur map in map maker rn 🥴,that nani hard one

  24. Hawkeyes after finishing all this impossible minigames be like: I feel i can be Mortis Super Dash Player

  25. The last map is actually bot torture 😂

  26. Wait, Hawk if you would make some sort of a training parcour with something for almost every brawlers, what would be in it?

  27. Guys when he show Darryl map he said dyna jump intense check 😂

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