Top 5 Mini PCs Of 2022 | $40-$499 The Best Small For Factor Computers You Can Buy -

Top 5 Mini PCs Of 2022 | $40-$499 The Best Small For Factor Computers You Can Buy

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In This Video we take a look at the Top 5 Mini PCs of 2022 so far, the prices range from as low as $40 to $499 on the high end. These tiny PCs are perfect for emulation, gaming, and work. Small form factor PCs don’t use as much electricity as larger desktops and obviously take up a lot less space.

Buy The M92P Lenovo here:
Buy The Dell SFF 3050 Here:
Aerofera 2 :
M6 Mini PC: Buy one on Aliexpress:
M6 Amazon Has them but way Overpriced:
Buy The SER4 mini PC Here:
Buy The Minis Forum B550 Here:

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  1. Hi. Last weekend, I got a MINISFORUM Windows 11 Pro Elitemini HM90 Mini PC with an AMD Ryzen 9 4900H CPU, 16 GB of DDR4 and a 512 GB SSD. I've been breaking it in for the past week. This is very much a new experience for me as I've built nearly all my other PCs before this one. That said, this is easily the most powerful PC I've owned, despite it using a mobile CPU.

    This puppy really rocks! The week before, I had got and HP EliteDesk with an Intel I5 CPU and 8 GB of RAM, and it was better than okay, but I thought I'd do some music creation in the coming year and wanted something with more muscle. (You never know what you'll need until you start in with plugins inside your digital audio workstation software!) This guy fits the bill. I won't really know how good it is until I install Linux on the computer, but it's crushing Windows 11 so far.

    I really like the power of this PC, but I could really wish for more connectivity, as in more USB ports. It has the seemingly standard number for the form factor, but I bit the bullet and added a 10-port USB hub, which will now handle the heavy lifting. The other thing I don't like about this PC is that it has no indicator for storage activity. Whereas my older PCs and even my little HP puterbrick all had at least a blinking LED to indicate activity in the SDD or HDD, this thing has nothing! You have to take it on faith that the drive is working. Suckage, but I'll manage. So far, so good … and it is good!

  2. We definitely want to see a more exspensive more powerful lineup as well😃😁

  3. I think we need a how to emulation video on how to emulate on pcs info on apps and roms specially psp ps2 emulation, kindly make a video😊

  4. Because of you I got the Lenovo m92p last week. One for my 13 year old son, as a gaming pc and homework and youtube and one for myself as an emulation station. Works wonderful got them for €90 a piece, super cheap and great power.

  5. What about an M1 Mac mini for under $500! Gotta say it’s a pretty beefy machine for the price. Just a little spin on the mini PC world 😅

  6. AMD opengl performance is only bad on windows, amd drivers in Linux have amazing performance in opengl games and emulators.

  7. Thanks these are the video's we love to watch, the most really helpful finding the right mini PC

  8. The cheapest one can u replace the processor to make it better

  9. Damn I had no idea that mini pcs existed. Thank you Sir for your thoughtful and informative video. I will definitely be looking into this

  10. interested once AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 Series APU (Zen 3+) is inside

  11. I haven't owned a desktop in7 years and the last I looked at them, the smallest were the mini-towers of today, about foot high/long and -6 inches across. The work-from-home requirements of my laptops would actually be better served by having a giant monitor and bluetooth mouse/keyboard in 2 rooms, and just carry the box I use for work to the place I want to work. If I have a 2nd box for the personal stuff, and the oversized mobile phone I have, what do I need a laptop for? Unfortunately I just bought a 15.6" huge one and 2 large monitors–1 for each room, which require wires to hook up to a docking station or directly to the laptop.. The laptop is only the primary screen for typing during conferences and the monitors are for Zoom conferences. The ONLY thing an all-in-one or laptop has that these probably don't is touch-screen capability. Arrrgggghhhh!

  12. Thanks, ETA. Like to see some minis with Ryzen 7 / 9 or Core i7.

  13. which will be the recommended plex server of 2022? that will transcode 4k ->720p or lower , up to 4 streams

  14. Its amazing how fast tech advances these days.

  15. One day people will have computers inside their body.

  16. I mean, there's actual gaming laptops at $550, with a 85w rtx 3050ti, either a 5600h or i5 11400h, 1080p 120hz or 144hz monitors, a battery, a keyboard built in, etc. Even just using them as regular PC's they'd be better than these mini pc's in 99% use cases. Especially at the suggested use cases of work, office, light gaming, etc.

  17. Iliiaskobiraj কবিরাজ ইলিয়াছ says:


  18. how many ads are running on this short clip? damn…

  19. I love me some cheap, refurbished Optiplex 3060 micro for the price of a Raspberry Pi (current inflated price)

  20. how bout reviews on some cheaper ,basically outdated sff's ?

  21. Ok indie games.. gotcha… but what about GPU.. I think that's what I need to have

  22. Ahhh.. you say gaming.. I wish you would say more about the GPU…

  23. Wait.. how does radon 8 gpu… compare to the stock Intel graphics abilities

  24. Wait wait wait.. that ryzen 4700 one. Next to last… your seriously playing high end games on it. That smoothly…

    I see a graphics card laying in the background… your not using that somehow… to play that racing and skating game are you???.. lol
    It almost looks like it

  25. Wait.. that last one is awesone… but what is a 4700g. I thought that was cpu.. not GPU…

  26. Hi , what mini pc do you recommend that can do Nintendo switch and all other system emulators . I really want the mini pc to be quality and last . What do you think ?

  27. Are mine PCs like these, especially the cheaper ones good alternatives to rasberry pis or other sbc when it comes to small servers, how much power do they consume?

  28. I really want one, I need to work on hard for it.

  29. Hey can any of these connect to a sim cockpit to play forza

  30. I’m jus trying to run the GSPro golf sim curious if these can do the job

  31. I have a terrible problem with the selection of equipment and looking through your reviews I thought I'd ask.

    I'm looking for a 24/7 home server device and want it to be a pretty powerful but mostly quiet one, I'm looking for something with a minimum ryzen 3600 power. Can I get some advice?

  32. Excellent. I'm looking for something to power a head unit in my car and these seem far superior to what I could get as far as pre-built Android head units.

  33. Me who want to buy this to only play roblox… cause i have never played any high/medium game before :/

  34. A VGA PORT???????????????????? WHY!?

  35. What would you say is the best bang for the buck mini pc, to play ps2 wii dreamcast and maybe n64? thanks. That was a great video.

  36. Would any of these pc's be able to run Tekno Parrot?

  37. Are these okay with light photo editing with Affinity Photo?

  38. Definitely interested in seeing more expensive mini PCs for emulation!

  39. Like most other people, I think gaming is for the cerebrally challenged. Talk about what's really important!

  40. Looking for a mini specifically to run obs. I just wanna input my capture card to live stream from my Xbox, and have 2nd monitor capabilities.
    An older Mac mini with the M1 chip has to still be better then any of these?

  41. I have a question, what will happen when you plug a mini pc into a laptop? Will it boost the laptop performance? Will it not work? Or something else?

  42. A laptop with the screen. keyboard, touchpad and battery removed?
    Hence they cost less.
    Yours looking for the best integrated graphics which is a Ryzen 5000 series with Radeon Vega 7.

  43. The Beelink now has a Ryzen-5 5600H (6core ,12 threads) cpu with Vega-7 graphics for $330 US on amazon. 16gb DDR4, 512 SSD wifi-6 lots of ports.
    Best bang for the buck.

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