Top 5 Minigames In Map Maker Part 4 -

Top 5 Minigames In Map Maker Part 4

Hawkeyes Brawl Stars
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Top 5 Minigames Part 4 | Hawkeyes Brawlstars


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0:00 Intro
0:12 Minigame 1
2:02 Minigame 2
3:57 Minigame 3
6:28 Minigame 4
9:13 Minigame 5
11:09 Outro


  1. hey iam a bs player can i also help u in these mini games too bro.

  2. 5:11 TURKİSH👑🇹🇷❤️🇦🇿👑 İM TURKİSH 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 BYE

  3. Videoda türk olupta gururlanan +1

  4. The best updates ever:
    1-Map Maker.
    2-Brawl Pass.

  5. 😀😁😂🤣😃😅😘😍😎😊😉😆😑😚🙂😣😥😣🙄

  6. Hey I love your videos can I sometime play with you the minigames
    #Hawkeyes best player ever

  7. Hey Hawkeyes
    The first thing I wanted to say is that the video you made is great.
    But I also wanted to suggest you to become a supercell creator. Your videos are awesome and you can create a creator code for the others to support

  8. El primer minijuego es copiado de anjoki 34YT dale sus créditos

  9. Yery good ideas now brawl stars create a your minigames🤩😍🥰

  10. ¡Gracias a todos por los 40k !! Realmente significa mucho para miCara felizGoldMortDarrylSallyNaniRegaloPulgares hacia arriba

  11. Some rules for brawl ball dodgeball i made with my friends:

    – You can use every brawler,but every team needs 1 bo because of the gadget!

    – A brawler can't pass the line on the floor! It needs to stay in his team area!

    – If a bo is trying to aim the super with the ball,and acidentally thrown the bombs,both bo's are declassified!

    – Gene and emz are special brawlers! If they use their gadget in the ball while its moving to hit someone,the play is canceled and the hit brawler should'nt be declassified! Altough,when the uses of the gadget are over,the gene or the emz and every brawler they saved is declassified!

    – If tara triple sucks a team,the shadow needs to be a healer one! Otherwise,she is declassified! And every time you're using tara,you need to switch the star power (one match the healer,next match the killer,then the healer again and so it goes)!

    – If colt use his super and acidentally destroy a wall or a skull,the team he's in LOSE! The same for brock,nani and basically every brawler who his super can destroy walls and skulls

    – Throwers can't move if they use the super,although they're not declassified and can still throw the ball and use the super again!

    – Every brawler can use his super to help Their teammates! (But there are THAT exceptions)

    – Every brawler needs to use the super at least 1 time in the match! If a brawler has his super charged and don't use for 30 seconds,the brawler is declassified!

    – Only declassified brawlers can destroy the skulls outside the field! If you're not declassified and destroy a skull that is OUT of the FIELD, you're declassified!!

    – Mortis is completely allowed, although he can't use the dashes,so its just a prejudice as he can't charge the super cause he can't go off the line!

    Thats it! You can pick them and use in your game to be even more fun,or you can create completely new ones and make EVEN more fun!

  12. My friends played the 4th minigame but they played the penny battle on that map aka mortar survival

  13. HappyFaceGoldMortDarrylSallyNaniPresentThumbsUp

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