Top 5 Minigames In Map Maker Part 9 -

Top 5 Minigames In Map Maker Part 9

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Top 5 Minigames Part 9 | Hawkeyes Brawlstars


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0:00 Intro
0:07 Minigame 1
1:32 Minigame 2
3:44 Minigame 3
5:08 Minigame 4
7:53 Minigame 5
10:30 Outro


  1. Bro I will definitely try to join next time. I don't want to miss that amazing minigames . Yoo bro nice song too… 🎧🎧

  2. bro i wnna join ur club😥😥😥😥😥

  3. if you pause the vid on 4:47 u can see a face in the middle. So actually u did 2 mortis glitches.

  4. In 100000000 years: Top 5 Minigames in Map Maker Part 100000000000

  5. Это лучший канал по БРАВЛ СТАРСУ

  6. 4:02 Please someone murder this unholy ''Unity'' sprout (Did you see that horrifying pin of his?!)!
    7:55 Ok, he does a comeback 🤢🤢🤢! .

  7. 7:50 The name of the layout should be "CopyCarl" …. Suits better xD

  8. 0:10
    I played this map just 3 minutes ago in Candidates of the day!!!

  9. Hey i have a question ! How can i play in your minigames i would love to 😁😁

  10. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  11. i saw your map and played it before!! omg

  12. Ну вот она карта было похоже на какой-то школу

  13. I found the 1st minigame in solo showdown map maker and its name was race

  14. Hi, I'm new to your channel but I want to know how those other people do to participate in your videos PS: what's the name of the song that appears in the last minigame

  15. эмммммм… тут есть русские

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