Top 5 Minigames With *NEW* Gadgets -

Top 5 Minigames With *NEW* Gadgets

Hawkeyes Brawl Stars
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Top 5 Minigames With New Gadgets | Hawkeyes Brawlstars


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0:00 – Intro
0:07 – Stus Breakthrough
2:13 – Edgar Hardcore
4:10 – Leons Lollipop
5:35 – Gales Twister
7:13 – Spikes Cactus
8:48 – Outro


  1. Can I copy your map,I will delete it after I play it

  2. Alternative name for Gales Twister; Gales trolls

  3. You: Top 5 minigames with new gadgets

    You in a few days: Top 5 griff minigames

  4. Guys I also playes with Hawkeye he was kind and also allowed with alternate brawlers

  5. Nice ideas but first minigame is fake we can use stus gadget only 3 times

  6. Every minigame is so cool and unique… also you are so smart and inteligent

  7. Can you do 5 maps to improve your skills in brawl stars

  8. Bro how did u had 2 gadget in one game in that edgar game

  9. Not only do you make excellent vids, you are one of a few YouTubers who read comments

  10. Awesome can't wait for 100k special:)

  11. Bro I saw your Leon map but asusaul all took jump pad and other powerponta

  12. That stu glitch gadget is awesome! Hope that brawl stars don't see this video so this glitch remain

  13. How do you put that words one the timebar, that in the first seconds: intro

  14. hika siy sub de Peruu y me agradan tus videos muy buenoss

  15. i hav a dout how are you getting gargets more than 3?

  16. This guy needs more love, so underrated!

  17. How many gadgets did they have in this mini game?

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