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Top 5 Squeak Minigames In Map Maker

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Top 5 Squeak Minigames | Hawkeyes Brawlstars


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0:00 Intro
0:07 Minigame 1
1:53 Minigame 2
4:01 Minigame 3
6:26 Minigame 4
8:04 Minigame 5
10:02 Outro

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  1. 2:19 Mortis is always dangerous for throwers even Mortis can’t reach them

  2. But if dont have friend help how to do?!?

  3. I think you should add healing pad for the mortis one

  4. mini game 2

    you could put healing areas in the mortis area to regain health faster

  5. 9:50 I mean… you can tell someone went there if they picked up the power cubes

  6. El primer mapa si esas Jackies atacarán te abrían hecho cagada al inicio de la partida

  7. Minigame 3 is actually a Deathrun

  8. what i think you should do in the minigame 5 memorize if the powercubes are missing if its gone someone must be in there

  9. Your maps are really good and keep it up. I registered 👻

  10. Lmao I don’t think you killed one Rosa what were those supers to nowhere?😂

  11. For the first mini game i have on like that but u use a low hp brawler like tick and you also get 20 power cubes with piper or brock and try to find the ticks

  12. Lol virat kohli being a jacky in minigame 1
    Op bolte xD

  13. For the Lit Potato you should add healing pads in the Mortis lane so the mortis can heal faster.

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