Trivia Murder Party - Fight for your life in Mini-Games! (Jackbox Party Pack Gameplay) -

Trivia Murder Party – Fight for your life in Mini-Games! (Jackbox Party Pack Gameplay)

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We check out the Trivia Murder Party in Jackbox Party Pack 3! We answer questions and die! Yay!
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  1. It's cool cause the main attraction in my small town in Arkansas is a mountain named Sugar Loaf Mountain

  2. I was mad that they thought that you don't get a movement per correct answer at the final area.

  3. God bless you Whatde for taking the hit.

  4. He said he was trying to think about the Disney Hercules but that movie is a terrible introduction to Greek mythology

  5. Disappointed no one said Pokemon Opening Theme

  6. Kinda upset no one said bohemian rhapsody at the karyoke question

  7. "Can you hear the narrator?"
    Proceeds to talk over narrator as he is explaining how the game works

  8. I knew it was mt. blanka because it was in SSX

  9. I love how the narrator reads the questions

  10. When Youtube calls the game Five Nights at Freddy's instead of Trivia Murder Party…….

  11. I am the only one that loves the screams in this games? No? Ok.

  12. 31:05 These were all part of the main twelve Olympian deities. What would have been really hard though, would have been 'Rhea' or any other titan's name since titans may or may not be a kind of god.

  13. Why do you guys always talk over the rules?

  14. Half baked is the best ice cream flavor ever.

  15. Sometimes I feel like the narrator is talking to them.

  16. I know Mont blanc because if you ever play alps in steep mount blanc is higher then matterhorn

  17. I excell in greek mythology i knew the last answer instantly

  18. Phillip Phillips was from my hometown. We all cheered him on when I was in primary school

  19. I cant hear the game because you guys won’t shut up

  20. |

    When you accidentally read the replies instead of pressing read more

  21. Ladies and gentlemen, americas future. Oh wait, you all died of COVID, lul

  22. none of the people in the gods question are demigods

  23. this question is what decides you fate.
    what's the best song to sing at karaoke?

  24. Human Bones:

    Clavicle – Shoulder bone
    Coccyx – The hidden tail bone
    Maxilla – Jaw bone

  25. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💗

  26. Maxilla is in the face. I believe it’s part of your jaw

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