TRY 3 Mini Games For MANDY 🔥 -

TRY 3 Mini Games For MANDY 🔥

MAGMA – Brawl Stars
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  1. Myth mandy supper can kill 9 people if they hit

  2. Myth: one of crows voice line says kak is cheap and its cheap😄that means crow is a big lier😱

  3. Myth: the best code so far just got released a month ago (code Carnage)

  4. Max Bs · 799k views · 2 hours ago … says:

    Dhandeep 🤣🤣

  5. Max Bs · 799k views · 2 hours ago … says:

    Don't call me bot

  6. Myth:dragon knight Jessie skin and Horus bow bo have same attack skin

  7. Could've shot ur super while standing in front of frank for faster super charge. But hey, still a very fun minigame! 😀

  8. myth: all minigames inspired by hawkeyes

  9. but every mini game would be better if there was an option to remove the poison clouds

  10. For me, in the update they should add new features to clubs such as: making sure that the name of the club can be changed, making sure that brawlers or skins can be exchanged like in Clash, then doing something like Discord with for example a chat for push, another one for wars, making sure that you can see what day a player entered the club, this would help for promos, then if you have an Academy that the president can control it even if not inside, put new coats of arms, put the possibility of sending vowels, and put a new protagonist such as a club director who can be promoted to president. the last thing for the club is to be able to ban a player who will no longer be able to enter for life. Then other things such as being able to change the name for free I don't change it so as not to waste gems, make ranks up to 50k so people like Hyra will have the pleasure of making them, put profile icons even skins, ensure that you can have brawler reactions and graffiti for free, f are new modes and maps of saturday and sunday challenges,remove the reset of trophies, achieve thirst for coins that can be done every day,with the star points should put the same rewards that you shop with those of the club,put in the profile of a player his language,remove the chromatic rarity by making new ones,fix some bugs,remove the fame,and adjust the lens and as soon as you find them make sure that the chat is not silenced, fix the thing that some players don't have the chat themselves , They should put the first ever shelly skin for free, make sure that the creator code doesn't peel off every time, and one more thing that you can message a club member or friend even if not on that he will read it in personal messages, put new shots to skins that have shots from the classic brawler, put in the map maker the thing that makes the ball bounce and not that cactus, then select the theme you want for the map, then do the maps from 8 :00 to 17:00 it was day from 17:00 to 7:00 they are dark, put under each map the best formation for that map so you would know how to push the brawler better, and last thing make sure that as soon as you enter a friendly c 'is a minigame option with all the games like those of Hawyest that there are rules and even a dice that chooses roles for example, and also make sure that brawler does not censor some things.😀 Thank you for reading my comment (written by someone who has always loved brawl)

  11. Can you please from request me my friend is is l82q98cuo

  12. Eve can walk on acid but take damage in poison

  13. myth: in new mode Sam's super i having a bug his glove is going of

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